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Present technologyThere are other companies that have the same idea as us The Life Alert company has created a object similar to what we have. Ours will measure the heartbeat, and stress activity and voice activation, also everything they can do too. Eheart is a company that has necklaces that can monitor heart rate and will can call the cops and 12 family members. Our technology will be much better by being voice attracted by voice  we will do this by using technology from the new google home.Another part of our technology is the property of transmitting signals. The signals will arrive at the ,speed of light. One good thing about our product is that sense we use transmitting signals are product will call the police a speed of sound. Telecommunication is sending analogue or digital information from place to place.                          History The first modern Block II satellite was launched on February 14, 1989 in the Gulf War which was from 1990 to 1991 this is part of our product but luckily the GPS has improved much more sense than. The first GPS could fully function in 1995. It was invented by three different people. Their names were Ivan A. Getting, Roger L. Easton and Bradford Parkinson. Now for the history of monitoring Heart rate. The first heart rate monitor was invented by Seppo Säynäjäkangas, it was able to work on patients in 1977. The history of calling 911 was invented in 1968 by AT&T to let everyone in the U.S having a emergency calling system. There is not an exact time period when the necklace was invented but woman Europe combined precious metals on a string.The first 24 hour police station established in 1988 Philadelphia. New York in 1845 also followed.                                              Future Technology Our new technological necklace will be able to monitor heart rate, call 911, and even show GPS location to police. All of these features will help to stop deaths. All of these great things will be in one necklace it will be disguised as something you would wear everyday.

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