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Unit 502
It is important to continually improve your skills and knowledge within the care industry, I need to be able to provide the best service to support my residents and my staff. The health sector is always changing and trying to improve its skills, which means myself and staff need to keep up to date on these changing, which then includes regular training and research when required. I believe it is very important for myself and carers to continually improve skills and knowledge. You need to be aware of changed in legislations, CQC regulations, NICE guidelines and your own Policy and Procedures and these can change and have an effect on the care home. You can expand your own knowledge by doing extra courses and research on the internet. Being able to keep up to date allows me to be able to pass the information to other carers and be able to expand their knowledge.

There can be may barriers to developing your skills and knowledge, which can include, work and personal life, financial, budget cuts, organisation, anxiety and self-esteem.
Being able to balance your personal life and work life can be difficult, I can put strain on your work, as you try and learn new things to expand your knowledge, but as well as trying to keep a home life as normal whilst you are learning these skills. Sometimes taking you away for period of time to ensure you complete new skills.

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Financial can pay a big part due to if courses cost money people are not always able to pay due ti limited funds, so being able to expand on their knowledge can be difficult. There are ways that it can be avoided by doing free courses or looking on the internet.
Having budget cuts from the government can hinder trying to expand knowledge as the recourses can be limited, trying to get help from professionals can be difficult.

Having anxiety and low self-esteem can be difficult due to the confidence that you may not be able to finish the course or gain new skills. But knowing there are people and recourses around you can help, knowing people can help mentor you and give you a step by step guide can help reduce the stress and worry.

Having organisation barriers can limit your development as staff shortages can then hinder personal development as it can make you tired and lack of time, sometimes people worry about their own positions and may not want you to succeed to gaining new skills and knowledge.

As a Deputy Manager it is my responsibility to help encourage the staff to do the best they can and expand on their own knowledge and experience. Pushing them in the right direction to reach their maximum ability.

Source Strengths Weaknesses
Formal Support Regular supervisions and appraisals can help indemnity areas of weakness and be able to expand and get the training that Is needed to expand your knowledge. Both manager and staff need to be committed to saying the truth, to then be able to help each other.
Informal Support Being able to get help and support from colleagues. The information could be stated wrong.

Supervisions and Appraisals The agenda is agreed and discussed, where to help and what we can do to help. Staffing levels can cause disruption and unable to have a long discussion, or other arrangements.

Mentoring Any information can be mentored, should be within CQC regulations and other Regulation Acts. May not be wanting to pass on other information, may not be known to current practices and keeping them up-to-date
Within the Organisation Having the information from care plans, Policy and Procedures Could not be up to date due to staff shortness.

Outside the Organisation Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, internet, Books Being able to have the time with the individuals, internet can sometimes provide too much information and then confuse if still unsure ad books are quickly out dated and do not print quickly encouraged to replace.
It is important to keep up to date with knowledge and skills within the care industry, you have to keep up to date on courses and training to keep your skills alert.
Certain factors that need to be thought about are: –
What goals need to be achieved for the residents?
What training does the staff need/want?
What training is mandatory?
What courses cost? and how many for?
If training is needed and not considered this could leave a resident in a vulnerable position, which can lead to abuse as working in the care sector, you have to do your best to help that person for fill their life style as best as you can.

Sometimes it is best to send 1 or 2 members of staff on different training courses to keep cost down, and then the two members can then relate to other staff members, using effective communication.

Using inhouse training and activates can help staff be able to participate, as this updates their training but also their knowledge.

To evaluate my own knowledge and performance, I have regular meeting with my Manager, to ensure I am doing the best I can, meeting with the staff to make sure they are happy and if there is anything that can be changed to assist with making sure a resident’s life is for filled.
Keeping myself up to date with Policy and Procedures, Recent CQC inspections and keeping myself up to date with Legislations. This helps me and my staffing team keep our knowledge, in case anything has changed, we are then aware.

It is my responsibility to keep myself, my staff and my residents safe within the home.
By setting myself goals, I am able to focus myself and try and achevie these as best that I can.


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