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Promotion was stated as the coordination of the marketers initiated efforts to establish channel of information and persuasion for sell products, services or to promote a concept. There are several theory define promotional mix which are it is used to describe a set of tools that a business will use it to communication effectively the advantages of the products or services to their consumers and it is a basic tools that used to fulfill an company’s communication objectives. Promotional mix has consists five elements in traditional perspective which are advertising, sales promotion, publicity, public relations and personal selling; direct marketing is one of the element in modern perspective. Each of the elements play a different role in an IMC program.
Advertising was stated as every paid form of impersonal communication concerning a company, goods and service or a concept by an identified sponsor. One of the tools that used to communicate with company’s marketing offer is advertising. The definition of non-personal component is advertising includes mass media such as newspapers, magazine, radio and television that able transmit a message to large audiences at the same time. The non-personal nature of advertising stated as there is usually do not have chance for immediate feedback which from message receives. Thus, an advertiser should decide how the consumer can interpret and reply to it when the message need to send to them. The main function of advertising is to communicate with specific audience because it can reach a lot of audiences with a messages that allow them to understand and aware what is different with the product than other similar products. For example, Asus pays an advertisement company to produce print advertising, electronic advertising and online advertising to promote their products. Other examples are people will received the advertisement monthly on Email from supermarkets or the online banner advertisement will pop-up when they visit on the sites.
Besides, one of type in promotional mix is sales promotion. The definition of sales promotion is the marketing activities provide additional value or incentives to the sales force, the distributors and the ultimate customer. It is also able encourage immediate sales. Sales promotion is divide into two main categories which is consumer-oriented and trade-oriented activities. Ultimate customer of a product or service is targeted by the consumer-oriented which involves coupons, sampling, premiums, sweepstakes, contests, rebates and various points of purchase material. For example, Popular, a bookstore give coupons inserted in newspaper advertisement, so customers has discount while purchase on a specific book with the coupon. Other example is when an organization promote their new product, they will give a small units of samples for consumers try it or holding a huge sale in products with discounts such as teenage and adults’ cloths. On the other hand, marketing intermediaries is targeted by the trade-oriented. It involves wholesales, distributors and retailers to carry a product.
Next, publicity is one of the promotional mix. Publicity defined as impersonal communications concerning a company, product and service, or idea indirectly purchased or run under identified sponsorship and it is come in a form of a news story, editorial, or an announcement about the company and their products and services. Publicity also known as the publication of positive information regarding an organization and its own products and services within the media that are not funded by the organizations. Publicity discourses to a range of programs and is intended to market and protect an organization’s image or their own product. Keller stated publicity is impersonal communications which includes press releases, press conferences, features articles, newsletter, media interviews, photographs, movies and tapes. One of advantage of publicity that over other elements of promotion is credibility. Customers has tend to be less suspicious toward beneficial information regarding a product or service since it is comes from a source that they perceive as unbiased. For instance, a successful of a film is decided by the reviews that receives from movie critics, who are viewed by several moviegoers as objective evaluators.
The other advantage of publicity is low cost because an organization is not paying for time and space during a mass medium like newspapers, television, or radio. These expenses are going to be far less than the other promotional programs because of the company will trigger few costs in developing promotion or maintaining a worker to try and do so.
Other element of a company’s promotional mix is public relations. Public relations is discourses to a range of programs and is intended to market and protect an organization’s image or their own product. It involves the fund raising, annual reports, membership drives, lobbying, public affairs and special event management and to enhance a company’s image. The definition of public relations is “the management function that assess public attitudes, recognized the policies and procedures of an individual or company with the general public interest and let public understand and accept by executed a program.”
Public relations has a widely objective than publicity because the aim of the public relations is to create and sustain a positive image of the organizations among the public. An effective public relations need to be managed discreetly by incessantly observance the attitudes of consumers and other groups of people that have an actual or potential interest in the company. Public relations create brands by establishing positive and generalized word of mouth. One of the effective ways is public relations which to make people talking about the brand and make them believing. So, public relations is the most effective in establishing and maintaining the business. For instance, implementing a corporate campaign concern a mobile application such as Samsung, iPhone and so on. Other example is holding a press conference to endorse a laptop brand.
Other promotional mix is personal selling. It is a form of communication from person to person through a marketer tries to help or persuade prospective consumers to buy the organization’s good or service. Personal selling is different with advertising because it is direct contact between seller and consumer which is face-to-face communication or use telecommunications like telephone sales. These interaction gives the sellers communication become more flexibility. This is because the seller can see the potential consumer’s behavior and alter the information consequently. It allows the marketer to tailor the messages to the buyer’s specific need in individualized communication. Personal selling represents as a communication election with pros and cons that different with advertising. However, personal selling has an advantage which is customized the message that can be sent to buyers where feedback can be collected to assist close the sale. There is few examples for personal selling which are show how the company’s product is when in presentations, conducting a private workshops to make awareness concerning product or conducting a seminar that telling to and persuasive people with organization’s products.
Lastly, the final elements in promotional mix is direct marketing. Direct marketing is an organizations communicate with the target audiences to get a response and transaction. The response might take a form of a purchase, an inquiry or perhaps a vote. Besides, direct marketing skills are using to reduce distance between consumer and seller through squeeze intermediary. Direct marketing has involve different types of activities such as database management, direct selling, Internet and so on. There are some organizations do not use other distribution channels and depending on the independent contractors to sell their products straight to the buyers such as Amway, Tupperware and Discovery Toys. Other organizations such as Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, and J. Crew were successful because they are using direct marketing to sell their clothing products. Dell and Gateway also have an experienced in huge growth in the computer trade by selling a full line of private computers by used direct marketing.
Moreover, direct response advertising is one of the major tools in direct marketing. Direct response advertising is stated as a product was promoted through an advertisement and it encourages the buyers to buy directly from the firms. Direct mail has been the primary medium in direct-response advertising in previous time, even though television and magazine has become very important media but direct mail has been a primary medium in direct-response advertising at previous time. After two decades, direct-response advertising and other elements of direct marketing have become very popular. This is because it unliquidated mainly to changing the lifestyles of people and specifically enhance in two-income household. This means more arbitrary income but less time to in-store shopping. The purchase of products from the direct-response advertising is helped by the practicality of the credit cards or toll-free phone numbers. Furthermore, the rapid growth of Internet is propel the expansion of the direct marketing. This will make consumers easily and convenience when they shopping via catalogs, on an organization’s official website and placing orders by phone, mail or online that guidance the hug growth of the direct marketing.
Direct marketing tools are involves the direct mail, telemarketing, fax, newsletter, catalog and so on. The companies has used the tools to distribute their products via traditional distribution channels. Direct marketing had plays important role in integrated marketing communications (IMC) of consumer-product organizations and business-to-business marketers. Sellers send out the direct email pieces ranging from simple letters and flyers to specified brochures and catalogs to provide potential buyers information regarding their merchandise or service. For examples, publishing the organization’s product through the internet, conducting an outdoor events to tell about the organization’s product or sending messages through mobile phone to a mass consumer base about the product.
In conclusion, a promotional mix is important in IMC and it also help an organization become successful. This is because all the organizations want to boost and expansion their organization to get a lot of revenue. A company can attract more consumers and encourage them to come back via high quality service.

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