Proposal for the Establishment of Stationery

Proposal For The Establishment of Stationery Shop At Govt. Comp Girls Higher Sec School, D. Kashmirian.

Rwp. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Executive Summary 4 i. Mission Statement 4 it. Our Values 5 iii.

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Vision Statement 5 lv. ODJectlves v. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) 3. Conclusion 6 1. Introduction 6 We are pleased to introduce ourselves that we are involved in large chain of supply of local and imported books and stationery.

Consequently, we also organized book exhibitions at different educational institutions to promote and initiate the reading habit among the students.Since, the past five years our dedicated team is working ith full commitment throughout Rawalpindi/lslamabad. Our performance has been appreciated by many prestigious government and prlvate eaucatlonal Instltutlons. It Is our maln oDJectlve to Inculcate rea01ng naDlt In the children and to contribute our humble share towards the spread of knowledge. Knowledge is an important source of power and books gave the medium of accessing and gaining control over this source of power.The Saad Book Choice sees global understanding, community involvement, individual responsibility, professional bilingualism, and honesty as high academic standards that any student needs to nstill and demonstrate. The purpose of this shop is to fulfill the needs of the students, teachers and office staff and offer the maximum value to the consumers.

Different types of book reading will help to foster cultural and linguistic interaction among the students. It will also enhance international understanding and tolerance of our new generation.To establish the shops especially in the girls school will encourage their economic independence and their self-confidence.

It will also stimulate and support decision making capacities among the girls. Training and education of adolescent girls is an mportant area as literacy and education pave the way for accessing and controlling sources of power. On the basis of past feed-back; it will be very useful for students and also improve the knowledge and skills of the teachers of these schools.Exhibitions will be held on routine basis, which facilitates the parents and teachers to fulfill the educational need of the children.

In addition to that it will be the best plate form/healthy activity place, which will highly be appreciated by the teachers and the parents, where students find low prices as compared to market prices. 2. Executive summary The main business of the Saad Book Choice will plan to sell stationery covering all kinds of pens, pencils, ball pens, rulers, pencil-boxes, notebooks, envelops, etc.It also carries things for albums and letter papers, sharpeners. The stationery shop will offer various services to the students who then do not have to go out of the school to get things what they want. They will also find it enjoyable to browse there, they will find that in the stationery shop, they can get the lately information from the assistants.

The stationery shop will offer new services based on customers ‘requests and uggestions, expanded services are as following: 1 . Stock with more stationery, so that customers will have more choices. 2.

Provide printing services by installing a photocopy machine and a computer with a high quality printer. A variety of new opportunities will open for the students and teacher, which helps to improve their daily work activities. Few of the inadequacies are discussed as follows: 1. There is no decent stationery shop around the school. 2 It Is OITTlcult to Tina a place to copy Tiles ana Tax Tiles.

3. I ne students cannot Tina a place to telephone when they are in trouble or something urgent. By establishment of this shop will overcome these difficulties.At the same time, shop can supply the demand of different levels of customers.

i. Mission Statement The Stationery Store’s mission is to provide customers with an outstanding array of stationery supplies while concurrently offering an extensive line of stationary customization services for events and businesses within the target market. The Company will provide the best quality products and the highest level of service to the marketplace as an innovative and responsible retailer and distributor of stationery accessories.We will use our knowledge and understanding of the customers’ needs to provide unequalled customer service.

In addition, there are certain beliefs that determine the manner in which Saad Book Choice operates and the manner in which we interact with all those we deal with – our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our community. li. Our Values We will maintain the highest values in all aspects of our operation. A high quality product is consistently our foremost goal. We will provide the best products available. Reliability of service is the key to ensuring availability of products in a timely manner.Respect for all business associates is at the root of every relationship we enter into.

iii. Vision Statement To be recognized as an authority for quality products and accessories in the local community and beyond. To create a stable, rewarding & challenging work environment. To have a reputation for providing quality products and accessories at fair prices.

To be trusted and regarded as an honest and sincere company to do business with. To have a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work we perform, for our customers, ourselves and each other.To accomplish our tasks in a professional anner with speed and thoroughness. lv. Objectives Rea01ng good objectives: Ole DooKs may nelp students to acn leve Tollowlng Develop the Student’s skills, talents, self-confidence, and self-esteem To use learning aids and manipulative to instruct students Provide safe and friendly learning environment Teach children acceptable behavior and self-control Phonics and basic language skills Numeric concepts, shapes and measures Learning through play books To serve the students who are the main customers.The shop will offer the best services to meet the customers’ need. v.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) KPIs/Benefits that come from running a school store are as follows: Convenience: What better place to sell school supplies than in school? Students who come to class unprepared can purchase needed supplies rather then borrowing them from other students or the teacher. Teachers who require a particular type of item can be sure that it will be available for the class to purchase.You’re selling something fun that everyone can use and everyone needs.

Flexibility: A school store shaped to meet the needs of students and teachers. Operating the store only at the times when it is required necessary. Sell the items that teachers request or survey students to find items they like. Student Development: Working in the school store can help students to get involved and have an interest in what is happening in their school. It’s also a great way for students to build teamwork and communication skills.

Education: It will extend classroom learning into an interactive environment where students can apply concepts learning to make change, take inventory, calculate tax, write a schedule, market a product, and be responsible! Efficiency: School stores can quickly be multi-purpose operations. Provide a service that everyone needs according o their requirements. 3. Conclusion The project will start within one week after it is approved and budget is made available.It will take approximately two weeks to finish, with two days needed to decorate the new stationery shop, and one day to make the final preparation. I believe that this stationery shop project would enable us not only to meet the demands and needs of the students, but also help them to improve their proficiency.

A well-equipped stationery shop like this one would fulfill the all fundamental needs of the customers. Above all, we hope that we are going to perform well in order to stablish a Stationery Shop in schools.Because we are working in this industry for tne past Tlve years, we are connaent tnat we can create a stanaaras snop tnat will accurately reflect Saad Book Choice image and will be a valuable resource for all of It will be highly appreciated if you kindly make it convenient in establishing the shops of books and other general material related to studies. All the necessary arrangement in this regard, stands accomplished. Sir, you are, hereby requested to expedite the case as early as possible to enable us to process the case further in the interest of the public.

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