Psychology The reason why I say this is

Psychology is the mental
characteristics or attitude of a person or group. It can also be “the study of
behavior and mind, embracing aspects of conscious & unconscious
experience.” People ask “why psychology?” well honestly to me it is everything
like psychology can open many doors because it has a whole lot of variations to
*real –world applications. But in my opinion psychology can help a lot of the
world’s problem as for example mental illness, relation, etc. Psychology tends
to also help with decision making and avoiding problem’s that are stressful. Most
everyday problems that psychology can fix for everyone is time, ultimate goals
and living more simply. Psychologists, doctors, and even researchers have stated
that with psychology it can be effective for everyday life and is essential in
giving a better life. The reason why I say this is because facts have shown
that psychology helps to understand more about your mind and body for a better well-being.
Let it be known that that on an everyday basis psychology is used. I’m saying
all of this because I’m more interested in the counselling, developmental,
social, health and rehabilitation area of psychology. I mean it’s a lot of
areas but those particular subjects give me the most interest I mean they all
lead up to basically giving help and guiding. I don’t really remember how I got
interested in psychology but I know that back in my childhood days I had a
problem connecting with the world and with the fact of me being bullied it
really made an impact on me. So, when I was getting help I told myself one day
that I liked the idea and concept of one being able to help someone and really
connect on their level and just the thought of psychology behind the concept of
getting help really clicked for me to study this major. So you can say I just
got the idea of doing this major based on a personal level through experience
that took a toll on my life for the better. I believe psychology would be a
great fit for me because I have the traits and characteristics of being a very
successful psychologist. Not just effective for me but for others on another

Like it all leads back to helping and
gaining knowledge and skills, having confidence, improving communication, building
relationships which is really good enough. What I want to know more about
psychology is how maybe since it helps with helping can it always be effective
in working out to a solution like can the concept always work for any
situation? Since it helps as something therapeutic can it be used for abnormal
behavior or problems? Can psychology be to modify and improve behaviors to
better the lives of individuals and society as a whole? There’s many I can’t
seem to question at this moment but those few are some I do question. What I’d
like to do with psychology in the future is have my own practice with
psychologist, nurses, doctors and a research team so it’s like my own little
rehabilitation business and if successful own multiple practices and I don’t
know what I would call it but that is my masterplan. In conclusion I just want
to help as many as possible and study psychology for myself in order to be able
to help as many as needed.

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