Ptlls Level 3 Task 1

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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Assessment 1 a) Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the training cycle.

The role, responsibilities and boundaries of the teacher are constantly developing qualities. The training cycle is a cycle of identifying needs, planning, delivering, assessing and evaluating. Using the training cycle the teacher will assess, review and adapt their style and approach.

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In terms of the training cycle the teacher’s role can be broken down into the following; identifying needs, planning and designing, delivering and facilitating, assessment and evaluation.Before teaching commences the teacher should identify the needs of the centre and the needs of the learners. Teachers need to be aware of the resources and facilities available, the type of environment where teaching will be delivered and the needs of learners. Some learners may need additional support or special equipment. This type of information may be available from the learner’s application forms. A key element of the teacher’s role is to plan and design. Teachers will prepare a scheme of work and produce session plans.Other planning might include the preparation of on-screen presentations and paper handouts based on the course syllabus.

A new group of learners will require an introduction to the course, the centre and each other. An icebreaker activity can help new learners get to know each other help them to feel confident in a new environment. A tour of the site might also be useful.

To facilitate effective learning teachers will assess the various learning styles within the group and identify the learner’s previous experiences and motivations.Learning sessions that incorporate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic styles help to ensure that the needs of individuals are met effectively. Using a variety of methods will help in achieving this. Assessment of learners will enable teachers to monitor the progress of individuals. This might be achieved by using assignments or tests provided by the awarding body or teachers may devise their own assessment materials.

Keeping records of achievements is a vital part of this process. Discussion and feedback are also an important part of learner assessment.Teachers need to evaluate their delivery and the course as a whole.

Feedback from learners can be very useful in helping the teacher improve their performance. Keeping a journal and maintaining documentary evidence will also help in evaluating overall performance. The main responsibility of teachers is to reassess the development and progress of learners as the course progresses. It is the responsibility of the teacher to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of their delivery by taking into account learners changing needs.Delivery and course structure are responsibilities that need to be adapted as newly identified needs become apparent through using the training cycle. Creating an atmosphere of openness and trust is an important responsibility as is ensuring that key aspects of current and relevant legislation are observed. For example: health and safety, equal opportunities, data protection.

Boundaries such as appropriate behaviour and disciplinary outlines for misconduct are at the heart of every teacher/learner relationship. Leading by example is key to establishing boundaries.Recognising when a learner requires help beyond a teacher’s remit is a boundary which should be effectively utilised. A teacher must recognise when additional help is required to further the learning experience. The teaching/training cycle provides a robust structure within which roles, responsibilities and boundaries can be assessed and reflected upon.

The structure of the cycle is such that teachers will multi-task stages of the course in a constantly evolving way. This ensures that role, responsibilities and boundaries form the core of the teacher/learner relationship in terms of meeting the aims and objectives of the course.


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