Public original data but also the changing rate

Public safety, especially the daily traffic accident
is concerned by the public. Previous studies have already
discussed accident reasons associated with accidents statistically. There is a
method called Innovators Marketplace on Data Jackets created by Professor
Ohsawa. This method is used to externalize the value of data via stakeholders’
requirement communication. This paper applied the solution from an IMDJ
workshop to research this topic creatively. This novel solution suggested to do
analysis on the combination of urban data and traffic accident rate to find the
impact factors to the traffic accident rate in the urban system. This paper
used factor analysis, structure equation modeling and data mining to construct
a theoretical frame for traffic accident rate analysis for urban data. Different
accident indexes, such as total number of accident, fatality rate, injury rate,
and casualty rate are combined to construct a traffic accident risk evaluation
model. This paper chosen the urban data as the solution from IMDJ workshop,
such as population structure information, vehicle information, road characters,
public traffic system information, and the other kinds of data to explore
factor meaning, and to identify relationships between different factors. It
segmented these urban data based on their categories, and determined accident
risk for each section. By doing analysis on not only the original data but also
the changing rate of these data each year, the result analytical results showed
that traffic accident rate on urban data could be described by the combination
of population structure, road characters, public traffic system and public
facilities. These four sections affects traffic accident rate significantly
during the development of urban; however, the vehicle factor does not have
influence on traffic accident rate. And it proves the solution from IMDJ
workshop is not only novel but also practical strongly. Making some solution
from IMDJ into reality, we will find another new way to affect the world.



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