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Last updated: May 22, 2019

Public Affairs concerns the relation with the stakeholders. Danone created a Public Affairs kit to get a good overview of the field of action of a Danone Public Affairs correspondent.

(Sustainability report Danone, 2014) A PA correspondent is someone who maintains relationships with the government, engages in medial communication. And also bears responsibility for the distribution of business and social information and provides strategic communication advice. The main goal is to influence public order, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with all these stakeholders. (Ensie, 2018) The PA kit is meant for the Public Affairs managers and explicitly describes the expectation for the communication with the stakeholders:> make an overview of local issues;> qualify those issues with a view to prioritizing them;> identify the players involved;> map them based on their position and in influence;> determine the best watch mode for monitoring changes to these issuesand players’ positions. Stakeholders for Danone exists out of the customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, scientists, the populations living near its sites, representatives of public authorities and non-governmental organizations.

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Listening to stakeholders is very important part of Danone’s sustainable development strategy. Taking into account stakeholders expectations is a foundation of the Danone Way approach since 2001.  Not only listening to stakeholders is important for Danone but they try to collaborate as good as possible by using several individuals and projects developed with joint venture of NGO’s financed by the Danone Ecosystem Fund, the Danone. Communities fund and the Livelihoods Fund.  (CSR report Danone, 2014) What Danone also think is important is educational inside the company. More than 21.000 employees got a training on nutrition and hydration in two years.

 They create educational programs and try to encourage their own employees to be aware of a friendly environment. ( Integrated report Danone, 2015)We feel like sustainable development goal number 3 good health and well being is very important for Danone, because everything product they sell is healthy and responsible for the human body. Another goal we thinks fits Danone is number 11 sustainable cities and communities. Because they try to lower the use of energy for example. They want as less negative externalities as possible and keep the health of the people in the cities in mind. Also goal number 13 climate action is important because Danone really cares about the climate and they even created a program to treat the climate better.

And last but not least we feel like goal number 17 partnership for the goals is important. Take the partnership with the transportation company in the Netherlands for example. Danone made an agreement with this company because they are awarded with lean and green award.


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