Pythagoras There are five solices of the pythagoras

Pythagoras explored principles of math, concept of math figures and ideas of proof. His studies contributed to a mixture of geometry, aritmetic, astrononmy, music, and the theory of numbers. The Pythagoras Theorem is interpreted as terms of order and symmetry which is based on ratios. There are five solices of the pythagoras theorem includes the pythagoras theorem, irrational numbers, divine truth and universal harmony.
The pythagoras theorem was also very significant to in the subject of astronomy. Pythagoras and his fellow students studied the earth and other planets. He believed that that earth was round and the other planets was spear shape. He relates the study of astronomy to the harmonic believe which states that all order is based on numerical proportions. This is known as the cosmc law of the pythagoras theorem. The cosmic theorem states that the earth and the plants creates musical sounds while oribnting the earth. This theory leads to the discovery of the music theory.
While trying to prove his pytheron therom, Pythagorn and his students deicovered the importance of the music theory. This became significant because music is said to produce

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