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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Quality Management Plan Introduction Qualityis considered as the key benefit to which the products or the services aremeets the customer’s expectations and to increase the chances to meet theinternational or standard quality objectives. This is a Quality Management (QM)Plan for our Cyber Café in AURAK and it describes the standards, qualitypractices, resources, and processes related to the Cyber Café. TheQM Plan defines how our Cyber Café will implement the Quality ManagementPolicy. Also, it will define how the quality will be managed throughout thelifecycle of our project. Moreover, this quality plan would identify the qualityrequirements and deliverables.

This will be the standard or the guideline of  our project quality. Some of the input andoutput of quality management plan are;Inputs: (project management plan, project document and project charter)Output: (quality management plan, quality matrices and project documentupdates) Qualitymanagement plan component are 1.     Qualityobjectives2.     Deliverablesand processes 3.     Qualitystandards 4.     Controland assurance 5.     Rolesand responsibilities 6.

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     Qualitytools and techniques Theobjectives for this plan are to: Come up with the deliverables that support improved project management proficiency for our business. Come up with the deliverables that meet the requirements of Cyber Café Stakeholders. Come up with the deliverables that line up with industry best practices for our project management. Have project practices that follow the recommended project management standards.

Quality Management Approach This section is describing theapproach that will be used for managing the quality throughout our project’slife cycle. The team will ensure that quality is planned well for both productand process. To be successful, this project must meet its quality objectives byutilizing an integrated quality approach to define quality standards, measurequality and continuously improve quality.

 Product quality for our businesswill be defined by the company’s current standards and criteria. The focus willbe on the project’s deliverable and the standards and criteria that being usedin order to ensure the product meets established quality standards and customersatisfaction. Process quality for our businesswill focus on the processes by which the project deliverable will occur.Establishing process quality standards will ensure that all activities arefollowing the organizational standard.

This will results in the successfuldelivery of the product. Our project team will work also asQuality Group to define and document all organizational and project specificquality standards for both product and processes. All quality documentationswill become part of our Project Plan and will be transitioned to operationsupon the successful completion of the project.


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