Quality ü Warranty phase In this phase, regular

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Last updated: May 14, 2019

Quality Assurance is a set of activities for ensuringquality in which the processes by which products are developed. The focus ofthis approach to prevent defects.Here, I would like to work on Web design anddevelopment for a Land development company with the help of  WordPress, Joomla, CSS, HTML, Java. We put thecustomer needs on focus and utilize iterative processes to achieve customer’sexpectation. ü  Our teamRamandeep Kaur-Founder and managing director Raman is the founder and the current managing directorof new signature. She has over 15years of experience in the industry.

Richard wells-Technical LeadMarina Algren- Design Lead.ü  Approach and schedule·       Informationgathering: –  During this phase, workwill be done closely . ·       Adetailed plan will be created to successfully implement the project.ü  Sitemap and wireframe creation: -·       Asitemap will created in order to illustrate the functionality of each page aswell as how team members interact with each other.·       Furthermore,in the wireframe creation phase, the client will be provided with several mockups that will show how each page will look when coded.ü  Coding :-·       Atthis phase the actual website will be created.

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It is a crucial step that willtake several weeks to be ready. This is the phase where there will be minimalinteraction with the client. All the previous graphical elements, page designsand outlines will be hard coded. ü  Testing and launchThis phase will include the testing of the website bythe project team and the client. Any bugs will be spotted and fixed for anoptimization. Final touches that would fall under the scope will beimplemented. ü  Warranty phase In this phase, regular maintenance and updates as wellas protection against the website will be provided to the client for one-yearperiod.

ü  Scope of workDevelopment and design of 20-page website. Coding anddesign options are available to the customer and can be utilized as the companydesires.The website will include the following content: -·       Ahomepage, which highlights essential company information and overview.·       Pastprojects that will show previous works of the company.

·       Apage that will introduce the key people in the company with them biographs.·       Brandingof the company, include logo designs, slogans and a business card designaligning with the branding.·       Acareer page that will allow the company to post applications and prospectiveemployees to apply the postings.

·       Guidelineson how to operate and maintain the website in a report format, to be deliveredafter completion of the project.·       1-yearwarranty and limited support that would protect website crashes due to softwareproblem or malicious attack.  ü  Estimated Project Cost Task Cost Home page $5000 Design research $4000 Logo design $2000 Coding $6000 Testing $11000 Contacts $7000 Total $35000     ü  Time Deliverable Due date                             Days Home page 5th jan,2018 10 Design research 15th jan,2018 25 Logo design 20th jan,2018 12 Coding 14th april,2018 35 testing 2nd may,2018 10 Contacts 15th june,2018 13 Total   105days(3months,15days)  ü  Risk associated with this project :- ·       Projectteam members can leave project in between that will lead to shortage of theteam members.·       Websitehackers can hack the website that would be bigger loose of authenticinformation of the company.

·       Stakeholdercan change the schedule and cost deadlines.·       Decisionmaking at the initial stage of the project ·       Poorusability.·        Unable to finish the work on time.·       Codingimplementation can take time.

·       Launchof website can be delay.Approaches to handle these risk :-·       Hirethe team members based on contract for at least 1year.·       Toprevent the website from the hacking make sure that there should be some codingconcepts that can prevent.

·       Toavoid the cost and schedule creeps make some kick off meetings and projectcharter that will clear all the issues for future reference. ·       Arrangekick off meetings with stakeholder and team members and do brainstorming withmembers to reach at the final decision.·       Toavoid the poor usability of the website, arrange some training sessions andprovide hardcopy& Softcopy to the company for new employees.·       Tobe on schedule make sure backup team members, provide every detail and trainingto the employees for the better deliverable about the project and divide thework asap so that team members can work online.

·       Thisis crucial step of the website design so will give more attention to this phaseby the project manager and if required hire some expert coders.·       Toprovide the deliverable on time and launch the website on the deadline, ourteam will make sure every testing phase before and on time and prepare all thetech check.              


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