Iam a die hard fan of Rajnikanth since childhood.

. Even today i never miss to watch his films on the first day of release. If you turn the pages of this person’s life… you will get to know that his superstardom is no cake walk.. He struggled his way to succeed in his life.

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He suffered humiliation, defamation, ill -treatment in the beginning….

But, used all the stones thrown at him to build his own empire. The Carpenter-turned-Coolie-turned-conductor-turned Super Star says: “I couldn’t have asked God for more”. Ego and starry airs are unknown to Rajinikant.

During breaks he hardly ever rushes to his air-conditioned makeup room. Instead, he prefers to sleep on the sets, even without a pillow, merely covering his eyes with a wet cloth. He never comes to functions with a retinue behind him and even  prefers to drive his own car. You can always see him wearing dhoti and white shirt or kurtas whilst attending functions, never uses gold.. He always wears a copper bangle and an ordinary wrist watch. Such a simplicity!! He regularly visits [pic]Himalaya to rejuvenate himself.

He is so spiritually inclined and believes that whatever he is now is because of GOD.An avid devotee to Shri Raghavendra Swamy. Even today he makes it a point to visit mantralaya in karnataka once in a year. There are three important aspects that differentiate a normal man from a yogi. A true yogi has no ego. He is one who follows the path of love. Above all, he surrenders himself unto God by putting him before all else – success, power, money.

Considering these things, Rajinikanth  is a yogi. He has all these three qualities that spiritual gurus say make a yogi. He was actually quoting this in a function about AR.

Rahman. But, this is also applicable to rajinikanth himself.He is a real yogi who never cares about his image or fame. Just behaves like a common man and above all success has reached his heart, not head. I admire him a lot. I do not know as to whether it is a coincidence, but i should say there are few similarities between me and rajinikanth.

.. I also wear a copper bangle from child hood, iam a devotee of raghavendra swamy and i never like to wear gold. I may not reach his level in life;  i will be happy if can reach at least 50% of what he has achieved in his life.

When telling this, iam not talking about money, iam talking about the goodwill and respect in the society.



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