Raymond have maintained my GPA as 3.7. All

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Last updated: May 2, 2019

Raymond James Financial Inc880 Carillon Pkwy, St. Petersburg, FL 33716 Dear Sir/Madam,I have recently seen theinformation from the advertisement on Raymond James’s website, and I would liketo apply for the 2018 Summer intern position within your company – AccountingSystems & Projects.I am currently a junior yearaccounting student at University of South Florida. I wish to perform an internposition in Raymond James Financial because I believe this opportunity wouldprovide me a chance to apply all the knowledges I have learn from school intomy job, to gain valuable working experience, to sharpen my technical skills.

Due to my hard work, I have obtainedconsistent good grades throughout my academics. I graduated from HillsboroughCommunity College with Honor. Since I transferred to University of SouthFlorida, I have maintained my GPA as 3.7. All the courses I have completed havegiven me a strong understanding in the accounting field.

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Additionally, I am proficientwith Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Power Point, Access. I always feelcomfortable using these programs and I am able to learn any new programsquickly. Since I started college, I have been working as receptionist of a nailsalon in South Tampa. That job has given me skills in communication, time managementand teamwork.

Furthermore, I am a fast learner and I always eager to learn. Iam highly motivated, and able to work under pressure. If I am given the chanceto work in Raymond James Financial, I can assure that due to my previoustraining, my ability, and my enthusiasm for the job, will be able to make ameaningful contribution to your company.I enclosed my resume to providemore details of my skills and achievement for your review Please feel free tocall me at (813) xxx-xxxx or email me at [email protected]

usf.edu.Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in personto discuss about my interests and qualifications.Best regard, 


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