Raymond have maintained my GPA as 3.7. All

Raymond James Financial Inc

880 Carillon Pkwy,

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St. Petersburg, FL 33716


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently seen the
information from the advertisement on Raymond James’s website, and I would like
to apply for the 2018 Summer intern position within your company – Accounting
Systems & Projects.

I am currently a junior year
accounting student at University of South Florida. I wish to perform an intern
position in Raymond James Financial because I believe this opportunity would
provide me a chance to apply all the knowledges I have learn from school into
my job, to gain valuable working experience, to sharpen my technical skills.

Due to my hard work, I have obtained
consistent good grades throughout my academics. I graduated from Hillsborough
Community College with Honor. Since I transferred to University of South
Florida, I have maintained my GPA as 3.7. All the courses I have completed have
given me a strong understanding in the accounting field. Additionally, I am proficient
with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Power Point, Access. I always feel
comfortable using these programs and I am able to learn any new programs
quickly. Since I started college, I have been working as receptionist of a nail
salon in South Tampa. That job has given me skills in communication, time management
and teamwork. Furthermore, I am a fast learner and I always eager to learn. I
am highly motivated, and able to work under pressure. If I am given the chance
to work in Raymond James Financial, I can assure that due to my previous
training, my ability, and my enthusiasm for the job, will be able to make a
meaningful contribution to your company.

I enclosed my resume to provide
more details of my skills and achievement for your review Please feel free to
call me at (813) xxx-xxxx or email me at [email protected]
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in person
to discuss about my interests and qualifications.

Best regard, 



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