Reading coaching, role of parent and practices

Reading is the most valuable asset that the person must have, person who can’t read has no clear destination in his daily lives, and in this connection our study focuses on the parental involvement in the reading readiness skills of the young learner in Kindergarten pupils at Hanopol Elementary School. We preparedly choose this study among the other problem because we want to know the significant of this study on their parental levels of involvement towards coaching, role of parent and practices that affects the reading readiness of the young learners.
As we all know, parents has a very crucial role in the academic achievement specifically in the reading skills. Furthermore we also included the some of the factors which are prerequisite to this study the reading readiness skills, considering these following factors, vocabulary, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, and the mechanic reading, these are all helped to enhance the reading readiness skills.
Related studies says that reading is the most endless development process and readiness is likely an idea in a variety stages in reading, teachers and parents should always think that in reading readiness for young children does not only include minor reading skills but instead also indicated the important matters that always give beneficiary attributes reading skills to our young learners (According to the California Test Bureau).

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