Recommends constant and unhindered surveillance of activities

Recommends People’s Republic of China to disapprove their claims of the nine dash line and provide the other claimant countries, i.e. Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia the water bodies that belong to them rightfully according to the UN; Strongly condemns China’s island building and militarization on the South China Sea, and demands such activities be stopped immediately;Affirms the United States of America’s stance that it will continue its freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea as allowed by law;Reminds the committee that there will be constant and unhindered surveillance of activities in the water bodies by the nations, capable and willing to support the required countries under governance from the United Nations;Further reminds the committee that if the countries are not capable of tapping the resources that fall under the country’s EEZ, they are free to take help from countries neutral to the conflict, the World Bank, or the International Monetary Fund;Urges China to either demilitarize islands that fall outside its territory or allow other nations, under the assistance of the United Nations, to carry surveillance so that oppression and unfair treatments are not given to involved nations;Calls for ban on all unilaterally managed resources development faculties extracting resources from the South China Sea until the joint development agencies become operational;Demands that no taxing or trade policies should be made for the international carriers involving the communities elsewhere;Requests China to not carry bilateral negotiations with involved nations but rather conduct a multilateral negotiation under governance of body on the basis of rights and sovereignty;Further reminds that in case multilateral discussions fail, the claimant nations should establish an authority that looks upon proper resource sharing in an overlapping EEZ, and administer the contested area, until an effective conclusion is reached. The mandates and code of conduct for this :The authority shall be named The South China Sea Management AuthorityFunding of the authority will be done by the United Nations and the World Bank or another financial instituteThis will allow United Nations to directly interfere with matters in everyone’s best interest increasing sole dominance.Security of involved nations will be provided with a military body under UN jurisdictionInvolved nations will have a vote. A governor will be elected by the involved nations with a vote. A new governor will be elected every two years.The governor will mediate multilateral negotiations between nations, and will have the authority to interfere at any time.Future disputes will be encouraged to dissolve in the authority 

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