Recycling waste materials and the process of turning

is the key initiatives to reduce waste materials and the process of turning waste
materials into usable materials to divert trash from landfills, which brings
many advantages and benefits to different areas. To help the environment, we
need to start recycling thrown bottles, paper, glass, plastic, and much more
which will make the environment clean, green and healthy. According to the US
Environmental Protection Agency, “Recycling is the process of re-using a given
product (beyond its intended use), or producing a new product from a recyclable
material turns that would otherwise become waste into valuable
resources.” (EPA).
Recycling is the only way that can save our environment from deteriorate so it
has become very important now days and for our future lives because it saves
energy, reduces landfill, protects wildlife, and is also good for the economy.
So, we need to make every one aware about the importance of recycling and we should
also understand its importance to make this program successful for the
betterment of environment. 

         Some poor countries are facing the
large problem of unhealthy environment which has affected their health and not
only the poor countries but everyone on earth has suffered due to the massive
production of waste, a large problem with trash build up on our Earth. Because
of the unorganized production of waste material, it has affected public health,
environment pollution and threatens to drown some poor countries in toxicity. The
non-recycled materials go into landfills or be dumped into the ocean which pollute
water and leak methane gas into the atmosphere which not only affects the human
being but also the whole eco system. Similarly, as the paper we used are not
recycled, it causes deforestation because more trees will be cut down, reducing
the world’s oxygen, increasing the carbon dioxide and causes deforestation. We
will also have to face the problem of electricity, if we do not recycle
aluminum cans because lots of the world’s energy will be used to make aluminum
from scratch. Likewise, we are also going to run out of space to hide all the
trashes, if we don’t recycle the things that can be recycled such as glasses
and trash bags, which we can easily re-use than manufacture. The major problem
of not recycling trash bags is that when the trash bags are dumped into the water,
which are mistaken by sea turtles for jellyfish, and we end up killing them.
Another major problem that affects the earth’s climate system is Global warming
which releases carbon dioxide into the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere using
energy generated from burning fossil fuels and causes air pollution.

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