Reengineering also inspire and empower other members of

Reengineering Healthcare
Reengineering Healthcare
Due to the ever-changing healthcare systems, reengineering is important to enable continued productivity and improved service delivery (Huber, 2017). Nurse Managers and nurse leaders can play a role in reengineering healthcare through the implementation of strategies, which are aimed at reducing healthcare costs (Huber, 2017). One of the main goals of healthcare service delivery is administering quality healthcare at affordable prices. Nurse Managers perform management roles, which impact the cost of provision of healthcare services (Huber, 2017). By having management strategies, which are cost effective, and implementation of programs, which will improve, the performance of the organization this strategy will enable easy healthcare restructuring (Huber, 2017).
Nurse leaders can also inspire and empower other members of the organization, which will positively impact the workforce (Huber, 2017). An empowered workforce will easily adapt to positive changes in their organization, which will be helpful in the reengineering of the healthcare systems (Huber, 2017). The nurse manager can identify the weak points in the healthcare delivery system and implement strategies to address these issues (Huber, 2017). Most strategies would include restructuring of the healthcare system to solve hitches in the healthcare system. This can be achieved by ensuring proper distribution and utilization of resources to enable sufficient and cost effective resource allocation (Huber, 2017).
Nurse leaders and nurse managers have a high impact on the decision-making process in a health organization and are able to participate in this process (Huber, 2017). Nurse leaders can share information regarding system updates and strategies to the management. They can also provide monitoring and control services to implemented healthcare systems, which are part of the reengineering process in the healthcare sector (Huber, 2017). Nurse leaders can also play a role in reengineering through proper allocation of skilled personnel to the right areas, which will result to improved performance and easy adoption of any new systems, integrated into the organization (Huber, 2017).
Huber, D. (2017). Leadership and Nursing Care Management. Saint Louis: Elsevier Health Sciences.

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