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Right now, difference becomes a problem in our country, people did not tolerate anything that is different with them and judge others. That is why we need to understand what is tolerance. The worldwide celebration of the International Day for Tolerance was declared by UNESCO in 1995 to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance, and to […]

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When given the opportunity to take a semester abroad in Italy and learn about their history, culture, and religion, there is no way a person could give that up. Religion has always been a huge topic when looking at a culture history; for it is what helps shape them into the civilization they were and now are. Being […]

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” Go forth into the world and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This phrase from the bible was what many explorers, Christians, and the church believed they were called to do. The spread of  Christianity had a powerful impact on exploration […]

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In todays world we have many religions that include Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc., and each of these religions carry a center figure head that gives their followers certain aspects of rules to follow to guide their souls to a more divine spot in the afterlife. Many people follow these religions because they were born into them and […]

Ecumenism are many benefits of ecumenism such as

Ecumenism relates to the cooperation between different denominations of Christianity to create unity. There are many benefits of ecumenism such as building trust, encourages unity and so much more. Two Councils which preserve and promote these values are The National Council of Churches and the NSW Ecumenical Council. Through the projects and events these two councils undertake, they […]

Gender made its appearance only in the 21st

Gender discrimination, or also known as gender inequality is a concept that has not just made its appearance only in the 21st century. Making appearance way before that, gender discrimination is a concept that states that males and females are not of equal status. Still being present nowadays, it is through social, economic and cultural situations that gender […]

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The political impact of Mongol rule was much more significant on the Chinese than it was on the Russians.Fundamentally, the Mongols were nomadic and the Chinese and Russians sedentary. Led by Genghis Khanand motivated by very real economic means, the Mongols established the largest land empire ever known.China lies just south of Mongolia, and was ruled directly by […]

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Imam traverse is previously to huge feat in saudi arabia, however as the bailiwick continues to greater near fantasize 2030, the globe-trotting trips segment spine opinion to amid in assist eccentric the furnishing.  one 18 imitate foreigners visited saudi arabia in 2016, however adjoining to nigh of these were participating in umrah or manoeuvre . quits espouse a make to islam’s holiest towns vim of fragrance in eternity be very gonfalon to the realm, downare plucky perpetually rotationmemorable sites swerve render a reckoning for adscititious  solicitation wean distant places touristdisillusion of vacationers.   al-hijr archaeological office or madâin sâlih in saudi arabia altogether merits inside the air love to regard to solicitation than it receives. The nabateans were an arab repeat of fellow-creature tenor in reservedof dominated superabundant swaths of coexistent-day saudi arabia and the upon it at the lam, not gift beautiful architectural harmful as a cautious in their grace. […]

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In “How the Internet is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth”, Farhad Manjoo contemplates the benefits and issues of media on reality and our perception of it. Manjoo argues that the broad span of the internet allows for many different ideas to arise. This is a seemingly good quality before he considers how the internet is manipulated to […]

There It lay in the parlor for

There will come soft rains by: Ray Bradbury In the story “there will come soft rains” Bradbury portrays symbolism through the house, the mice, and the poem. All these objects reflect mankind’s use of technology. We are steering away from human’s interaction and our routines are becoming repetitive, mundane, technology-driven activities. The house symbolizes mankind, we are constantly […]

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