Examining Luther's Ninety-Five Theses

Examining Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses Let Christians be more confident of entering heaven when they’ve gone through the many hard times they will face. Instead many Christians have the frame of mind that everything is going to be fine when indeed it is not. Therefore, they have engaged in a false assurance of peace because of their not realizing […]

Abigail Williams the Play the “Crucible”

In Salem, Massachusetts in the year of 1692 the Salem witch trials ruined everybody’s lives and ignited all because of Abigail Williams. In the play the “Crucible” which is also known as a severe test, the town of Salem was considered a Crucible. The town was put through hard and controversial times. Abigail’s attachment to John Proctor makes […]

‘The Hyde’ is a gothic novella Dr Jekyll,

 ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ is a gothic novella Dr Jekyll, who suffers from a split personality disorder. The idea was taken from Robert Stevenson dreams, where it shed light on the author’s hidden fears and desires. Written in the nineteenth century, it focuses on the psychology of society during the Victorian era. Charles […]

Religion in Ancient Rome Religion played an important

Religion in Ancient Rome Religion played an important role in the everyday lives of the Ancient Romans an influenced many of their actions and routines.  They were eager to please the gods and goddesses they worshipped so that they would benefit in return.  The Romans sometimes went to extreme lengths for their beliefs, sacrifices being an example. The […]

Atheism and Religion

Lynsey Call Professor Allen Call English 112 26 October 2010 Atheism & Religion Atheism, by definition, is “the doctrine or belief that there is no God” (Dictionary. com). If you cannot say “I believe in a Deity/God/Supreme Being” then you are an atheist. ” (Religion of Atheism). A religion has two components which must both be present. It […]

Shylock: of seriousness when one realizes that they

Shylock: A Misunderstood Victim            Often times we find ourselves cheeringfor the heroes of the story and wanting the villain to fail in their mission todestroy the world and the lives of those around them. That is actually what isexpected of a good citizen. But what happens when we look deeper into themotives and details of the situation concerning […]

The Wanderer and the Seafarer

Jay Smith Mr. Tonnies British Literature P. 1 September 11th, 2012 A Comparison and Contrast of the Wanderer and the Seafarer Two different men, in Anglo-Saxon time, traveling, wandering the earth. One, hoping he was with family, wishing death would come to him and the other, enjoying the feeling of being alone, free from society. In the poems, […]

What is Judaism according to Heschel

According to Rabbi Heschel Judaism was that whenever somebody mentioned the name Judaism, it was like taking about either somebody citing a poem, God the father or someone who lived a spiritual life. Since many people believed that without God everything is impossible, Heschel tried to come out clearly that people need to be strong in faith despite […]

Writing Portfolio Cover Letter

Herewith are pieces of the papers which I wrote as part of the requirements for my writing evaluation and to show my writing abilities and interests. I had intended to write on different subjects in order for me to determine my strength and weaknesses and how I had improved during the past three years in college in different […]

A great story

There is a great story behind creation which made man wonder who the superior being is, and from scratch it eventually evolves to a deeper relationship of mankind with God.  There are series of stages wherein the people began to be aware of God’s existence and atheism or paganism gradually lost its concept because they become attractive to […]


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