The or one of Prophet Muhammad’s granddads, Adnan,

The Kaaba in Makkah, is the focal point of the Islamic world. Truly, ‘kaaba’ implies a abode to be approached with acquiescence and may additionally be a accessory of a chat acceptation shape. It is a position of adulation which God instructed Ibrahim and Ismael to redesign four thousand years back. The architecture was initially congenital of rock on […]

Human that awareness level in regard to Islamic

Human induced environmental dilemmaare outpouring and increasingly upsetting not only ecosystem but human healthand well being. Available data shows that technical solutions have notbeen resulting in adequate conclusions. Therefore, the most important questionto be answered is “how should human act toward the natural environment”. Amongtheoretical deliberations, environmental ethics is getting more recognition tofind a proper solution for vast environmental […]

LATAR untuk menyampaikan syiar-syiar IslamMETODEUntuk memenuhi kebutuhan informasi

LATAR BELAKANGBerdakwah adalah kewajiban setiap muslilm, baik ketika sendirian maupun ketika berada dalam suatu kelompok, oleh karena itu dakwah mengandung pengertian sebagi sebuah kegiatan ajakan baik dalam bentuk lisan, tulisan dan tingkah laku dan lain sebagainya yang dilakukan secara sadar dan berencana dalam usaha mempengaruhi orang lain baik secara individual atau kelompok agar timbul dalam diri manusia suatu […]

Aceh penaklukan ini bertujuan untuk meluaskan kekuasaannya, pelabuhan-pelabuhan

Aceh merupakan sebuah kerajaan yangterbentuk hasil daripada penyatuan kerajaan-kerajaan kecil seperti Pidie, Pasaidan kerajaan Daya yang akhirnya membentuk Kerajaan Aceh yang besar. Kerajaan Acehterletak di di Indonesia berada di hujung Pulau Sumatera sebelah Utara danmenghala ke arah Barat dari Kepulauan Nusantara berbanding dengan sejarah modenSumatera, Indonesia di bahagian Utara, terdapat tiga bangsa dan kebudayaannyang telah didominasikan oleh Acheh, […]

Introduction: He created man from a clot. Read

 Introduction:  What is civilizationactually? Everything surrounding us is a part of civilization, to be accurate.The idea of civilization has been developed gradually by the passage of time. Until the 1860 humans history developed in basically three distinct epochs:ancient, medieval and modern. However after the evolve of Islam after theprophet Muhammad(pbuh) has significantly changed the way of civilization inmany […]

The Concept of Leadership in Islam

The Concept of Leadership in Islam Safdar Abbas University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Author Note Correspondence concerning this research report should be addressed to Safdar Abbas, Department of Political Science, University Of the Punjab, Quaid-E-Azam Campus, Lahore. E-mail: [email protected] com. Abstract Islam, as it was glorious in its early era with peace, welfare, development and co-operations as […]

Review on Chihara’s The Architecture of Srivijaya and Malayu

Indianization would seem to predate Islam in the islands of Indonesia.  Early evidences, such as the remains of Hindu-Buddhist temples, and smaller ones equivalent to the present-day chapel, known as stupa, dating as far back as the pre-Islamic era of the 9th century A.D. , have been unearthed and studied by scholars from both the Western and Eastern […]


Literally, Islam means peace or the surrender of one’s self to God. Islam was born 1,400 years ago, when the message of the Qur’an was relayed to the prophet Muhammad by Allah through the angel Gabriel (Bloom 2002). The fundamental decree of Islam is monotheism, that there is only one Creator, that he alone should be worshipped by […]

World Religions

Religion refers to the strong belief in a supernatural power. It can also be defined as a group of people who believe in a divine power. There are many aspects of religions and worship is one of them. This discussion looks at worship as a core component of religion and seeks to explain what worship is all about […]


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