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Research guideline: Research briefly on the country   (aiming only at human rights in general) Very, very, basic knowledge about ChadFull name: Republic of the ChadCapital: N’DjamenaGovernment: Republic Location: North Africa Neigh countries: Libya, Sudan, EgyptPopulation: 14,15 million Main Language: French, ArabsPlural for Chad ppl: Chaddian >u

Chad remains open to political violence and recurrent attempted coups d’état as it has been through many uproars, protest, etc,… from the governmental misshapes. Chad is one of the poorest and corrupt countries in the world; most Chadians live in poverty as they can only maintain their daily salaries by working as herders and farmers. Around  2003 when oil has been found in Chad, it has become the country’s primary source of export earnings, passing it’s previous trading success with the cotton industry.People of Chad is frequently being limited to its freedom of speech. The government, after being through many uproars, outbreaks, coup d’etat, the government has started on media restrictions such as but not limited to;Radio, being the main source of news outlet, has been controlled by the state to restrict and filter through propaganda, and or rebellious acts.

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The only television station, Tele-Tchad, is state-owned and its contents favours the government.Reporters Without Borders has on several occasions condemned the arrest of journalists in Chad, including the publisher of an privately-owned newspaper in October 2015.In 2016, Hissène Habré (Chad’s President from 1982 until he was demoted in 1990)  was sentenced to life in prison in Senegal for crimes against humanity (such as capital punishment, prison cruelty, etc,..). Chad has also been added in the Presidential Proclamation 9645, the expanded version of United States president Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13780, which restricts entry by nationals from 8 countries, including Chad, into the US. This move has angered the Chadian government. (aka, Trump no like Chad, therefore Chad ban to go to America, Chad is mad)How Chad’s involved in Human rights and Chad’s current stateSome of the Human rights abuses, according to the DHR (declaration of Human Rights) are security force abuse, harsh/ extreme prison conditions, discrimination and violence towards women and children (as one part of their religion).

Other human rights abuses: inmate killings by security forces and use of torture; extreme inmate arrest and detention, inmate isolation detention, and lengthy pretrial (before trials, usually ranging from months to years) detention; limited option for inmates to request fair public trial;…The government also has restricted the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and movement.

The MPS (parliament rep of the country) party dominated the political process (courtroom operations, national decisions,etc,..), therefore, making government corruption to pose a serious problem. Abuse of refugees within Chad’s society was a problem (it is in it’s way of resolving) Child abuse occurred, so was early and/or forced marriage.Human trafficking, particularly children, still poses a problem today. Interethnic discrimination occurred, as did discrimination against persons with disabilities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) individuals; and persons with HIV/AIDS. Forced labor, particularly forced child labor, occurred within some sweatshops.

Any steps Chad has made to restore Human rights abusesThe government sometimes, yet not much frequently took steps to prosecute or punish officials who committed abuses.Chad has also taken more steps in order to allow freedom of speech, press, etc,…The government has also made steps in finin factories, or workplaces which misuses the labourers. Some initial projects of improving prison conditions, yet still hasn’t been finalized and taken initiative steps.

Other violating countries in Human rights  Syria, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Cuba, saudi Arabia, and North Korea have violated and are under the UN watch list for countless violations towards human rights


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