Research The examples of research methodology are publication

Research methodology is a
statistical technique use for data analysis, sampling design and also as a
description on data collection method. Methodology also known as the systematic
study of methods which is can be or have been applied within a discipline or as
document process for management of projects which is contains of procedures. The
examples of research methodology are publication research, interviews and
surveys. It includes both present and past information. This chapter will be
focuses on the procedure for data collection, sampling design and analysis.


Research Paradigm

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This study was a descriptive
research and conducted under the qualitative method. Based on the quantitative
method, the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables
can be investigate without be influence by any other elements which can give
some negative effect to the study. This study also involves the uses of the
questionnaires to record the answers from every respondents. It is because questionnaires
are useful as to gain information and collecting data in large quantity. So,
the researchers can collect the data quickly and practically.




can be gathered in many ways and from various sources. The data collections process
plays an important role because the researcher need to get and gain information
for the research been conducted. In this study, two types of data are used by
the researcher namely primary data and secondary data.


3.2.1 Primary Data


Primary data are the data originally collected by
the researcher himself or herself. For example,
a student conducted an interview with a minster to get information for his or
her project paper. Primary data can be collected by
distributing questionnaire or conducting interview with the relevant individuals.
Sets of questionnaires will be distributed to them to get their opinions on the
subject matter.


3.2.2 Secondary Data


Secondary data are the data not originally collected
by the researcher himself of herself. The data is collected by someone else for
a certain purpose but it is used by the researcher for his or her study. For example, a teacher
gained data from a newspaper to understand the behaviour of primary school
students. In this study, most of the secondary data used are collected from articles,
journals, internet source, books and many other sources.




population for this research was the total of SMEs in Bandar Baru Bangi,
Selangor. A number of sample will be selected according to the Krejcie and
Morgan’s sample size determination table. The criteria for the sample will be
the owners of the SMEs, its managers, assistant managers and account
executives. This sampling technique was selected because it is the best in term
of minimum time constraint and costs.


Data Analysis


this study, all the data collected will be analyse descriptively using
correlation analysis. The data will be statistically shown in form of tables
and graph for a better understanding. It also includes the explanations of the related
independent and dependent variables. The correlation analysis will be carried
out to show the relationship between the va

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