REYAZ balance test of the instrumentation is required

Question 1:
(a) Building’s current scoring (BCA GM for Existing NRB Version 3.0):

(b) Reasons of why the building was not awarded with Green Mark Platinum in 2015:
Reason 1:
In 2015, Under NRB 1-1, for Thermal Performance of Building Envelope, the Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) of the Building is 43.80 W/m2. In order for the building to achieve being awarded the Green Mark Platinum under the New NRB Version 4.1, the prerequisite requirements must be ETTV of 40 W/m2 or lower.

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Reason 2:
In 2015, the points scored for NRB 3-1 (Sustainable Construction) was 3 points ; NRB 3-2 (Sustainable Product) was 3 points as well. For Green Mark Platinum standard under the New NRB Version 4.1, the minimum score under NRB 3-1 (Sustainable Construction) must be equal or more than 5 points ; NRB 3-2 (Sustainable Products) must be equal or more than 4 points.
(c) Pre-requisite requirements to obtain Green Mark Platinum award for existing NRB Version 3.0 (Cooling load more/equal to 500RT – Water cooled chilled water system):
1. Minimum points to achieve Green Mark Platinum in Part 1 (Energy Efficiency) are 45 points.

2. Minimum system efficiency for Platinum Green Mark Rating, using water-cooled chilled water plant with cooling load equal/more than 500 RT is 0.65 KW/RT.

3. Installation of permanent instrumentation for measuring and monitoring the operating system efficiency of the water-cooled chiller-water system. The instruments must be able to calculate efficiency according to ASHRAE Guide 22 ; AHRI 550/590, within 5% gauge from the true value of the operating system efficiency. Heat balance test of the instrumentation is required for the water-cooled chilled-water system, and it should be submitted with the operating system efficiency to BCA upon commissioning.

4. At least 75% of natural ventilation areas, which is applicable to occupied areas only, has cross ventilation through north and south window opening.

5. Conduct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Audit, 3 yearly, which complies with NEA Guidelines or SS554:2009 IAQ Code of Practice.

6. Digital power meters shall be provided for the dedicated chilled water pump, condenser water pump and cooling tower.

7. Ultrasonic or full bore magnetic type flow meters shall be provided for the chilled water and condenser water loop.

8. Temperature sensors shall be provided for the chilled and condenser water loop, with 2 spare thermo-wells at both ends of the temperature sensor.

9. Using of variable speed controls items/equipments for chiller plants, such as cooling tower fans, so as to improve part-load and plant efficiency.

10. Using of sensors or automatic control devices to regulate air flow rate from outdoor and to control the carbon dioxide acceptable range of equal/less than 700 ppm above outdoor.

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