Ricardo Last Testament and the Televangelists. Religion is

Ricardo SanabriaMr. LainezEnglish APOctober 1, 2016Faith BoundInfidel, heathen, heretic. Religion divides insiders from outsiders.

Rather than assuming good intentions, believers often are taught to treat outsiders with suspicion. “They wish that you disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them,” says the Koran. At best, teachings like these discourage or even forbid the kinds of friendship and intermarriage.

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At worst, outsiders are seen as enemies of God and goodness, potential agents of Satan, lacking in morality and not to be trusted. When tension erupts, societies fracture along sectarian fault lines, some being The church of the Last Testament and the Televangelists. Religion is in fact a controversial topic argued from different points of view, there are ignorant believers and there are crazy fanatics, but what makes people wonder of those which one is worse, as people are abused or restricted by their beliefs.As it has constantly been proven religion in some cases tends to force their believers into things. An example of such abuse can be represented by the televangelists who “persuade” their followers to donate money. Being the televangelist supporters naïve as well ignorant they place trust in their church as “seed faith” which is by some considered a scam by churches, believers are known to often send their contributions to their preacher with the promise from them that what they give God will multiply it and return it, there are some cases of people who skip their cancer treatment and instead donate the money because their preacher thought it was better than poisoning your body. Some believe that these church’s are stealing money for their own benefit as some ministers have been known to buy their own private jets stating that they are for the good of their community, that is why these churches bring in millions of dollars per year and get to keep all of it because of the simple fact that the IRS does not audit churches due to their constitutional right to exercise freedom of religion, it was until John Oliver a T.V.

entertainer pointed out that these people were committing frauds and not being punished because they approved the rules surrounding registration and taxation of churches, he later pointed out that ministers have openly abused of the money they receive in donations with the purchases of mansions and using church private jets for personals purposes such as a ski trip.The “Common Unified Faith” or the Church of the Last Testament is a cult mainly known for their fanaticism and devotion to their beliefs, but another way they may be described is as restricting. These cult is known to be plagued by devoted believers who follow their rules in the sect, but some of the different religions see them as crazy fanatics since they adhere to strict rules and follow ethical and philosophical principles, they are believed to be simple fanatics because they not only strictly follow the rules and commandments that are imposed but they must have a similar approach on things like their belief that aliens are real or their justification of suicide which is implied in their commandments as “do not condemn the dead”. The restrictions imposed by these cult vary as their follower being as many as 50,000 people 10,00 of them residing on the encampment which they cannot depart from, medical treatment specially vaccination is forbidden among the cult and doctors have testified to cases of poor nutrition among the fanatics, this is due to the aggressive diet they are forced to follow strictly vegetarian food only including the children and pregnant women who are deprived of essential nutrients, and even forbidding nursing from giving natural milk to their children, another strict rule imposed is that there is no departure from the church not being able to join a different one their current followers. This cult’s faith is based on a doctrine that was implemented by their very own messiah named Vissarion actual name Sergey Torop, which imposed every rule, restriction and commandment this cult has to follow, Vissarion composed his doctrine named “The Last Testament” with the purpose to accomplish a great holy reunion of all religions, but is actually a blend of cosmology, christianity, and yoga, as he places christianity in a leading role many believe that he actually perverts it. As in a interview led by the channel Vice to the leader of the cult Vissarion, he was asked many questions regarding their fanaticism and their doctrines as well, questions to which he only answered saying that the answers would be complex for their understanding, these response caused reassurance to the ones that believed Vissarion to be pretending, as for his followers respected his responses and continued to believe in him and follow his orders, as there currently are cult members trying to penetrate into government structures.People have become bound by fear, frustration, indoctrination, and manipulation to their respective religions either by the means of and abusive religion like the one of the televangelists or either a restrictive religion like the on of the church of the last testament.

Many religions are known to be abusive with their believers either by judgement, fear, or by fraudulently taking their money tax free, by these means televangelist ministers tend to extract money from their followers promising health and wealth to them constantly asking for more and never repaying the promised one, it is as well a fact that some ministers have encouraged followers with cancer to avoid cancer treatment and donate the money to them instead of being poisoned, these same ministers make oaths of using the money to help but instead take advantage buying houses, planes, boats, and expensive trips. Cultures in which most of the population believe in a specific faith are often distinguished by practices related to that faith. Faith based restrictions shape local culture and law. Religions dictate what their followers may eat and when, determine how, when and who may engage in relationships, limit dress options and freedom of movement based on gender, and establish who can assume leadership roles. These restrictions may be harshly enforced or widely ignored, depending on prevailing regional attitudes.

An example being the Church of the Last Testament. There are different opinions in regard to religion some of those may be from the point view of crazy fanatics or from ignorant believers, such opinions and the constant debate between which one is worst discourages people from having faith at all. In fact abuse and restriction do discourage people from following a faith due to the time we live in were there is much more freedom for women shouldn’t be treated as a household object as they do in Siberia and men as the provider and house builder, as well it discourages people when they see naïve people being abused and others growing rich at expense of them for that is fraud and televangelists should be punished but as well their followers are to blame for they keep sending their “seed faith” and keep getting duped by ministers and preachers. The purpose of religion should be developing a deeper connection with our spiritual nature and so in this respect religion can be thought of as a vehicle to support our spiritual development and our reconnection with our faith.Works Cited•  https://www.bustle.com/articles/105952-the-irs-might-investigate-televangelists-after-john-olivers-scathing-segment-elicits-criticism-from-all-over• http://www.meta-religion.com/New_religious_groups/church_of_the_last_testament.htm• http://www.spiritwatch.org/relabdef.htm• http://peopleof.oureverydaylife.com/religious-restrictions-affecting-cultures-9805.html• http://www.alternet.org/belief/6-ways-religion-does-more-bad-good



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