Rick Rick gave her food.After the girl was

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Rick is a very simple boy.He likes to play video games and guitar.You will find him not so special because he is just a normal boy.Rick’s mother is a manager at a restaurant while his father is a company driver.Rick is an only child because his mother is not able to be pregnant again.On Rick’s birthday they went out to eat at Rick’s favorite restaurant(Mr.Wow’s).While eating at the restaurant Rick saw a girl that is really hungry and exhausted.Rick offered some food to the girl and the girl was so happy when Rick gave her food.After the girl was finished eating her food Rick asked the name of the girl,”Uhm,excuse me can I ask what’s your name?” the girl replied “I’m so sorry I was just so hungry but by the way my name is Raine.” After that little chitchat Raine gave Rick a very small notebook(*picture*)then Raine ran away and Rick was so shocked about Raine.Rick and his parents went home after they finished eating their food.Before sleeping Rick remembered the small notebook that Raine gave him.Rick opened the notebook and then he read the first sentence that he saw “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”.Rick was so confused about that line so he decided to just sleep.Rick woke up because the notebook is shining so bright.The notebook turned the pages itself and Rick saw a picture of a pen and Rick touched it and the pen became real!Rick was so shocked but he really wanted to look at the pen so he picked it up and he clicked the pen and it turned to a small knife with a gold and silver handle(*drawing*).After that the book stopped shining and he saw a man’s shadow and the shadow shouted “Rick!”so loud and Rick hide under his blanket and tried to sleep to think that it is all a bad dream.After hidding under his blanket,Rick fell asleep as if nothing happened.The next morning,Rick thought that it is all a dream but he saw the knife under his bed and suddenly he remembered the shadow then suddenly Rick’s mother called him “Rick come down and eat your breakfast!” and Rick replied “I’m coming!just give me a minute.”Rick pushed the button under the handle of the knife and it turned back to a simple  pen.Rick went down to eat some breakfast and while eating he saw a shadow behind the door and it really looks like the shadow that he saw yesterday.Rick finished eating his cereals and went up to his room again and he saw the notebook shining again and Rick opened the notebook and he saw another sentence “Every day is a new challenge,and you have to get ready for your next one.” Rick is starting to formulate something that this notebook is always telling a warning when there is danger going to happen.The notebook turned the next page then it showed an image of a man’s shadow hidding behind the door that looks like the door of the room of Rick’s parents.Rick went to his parent’s room and he saw Raine!Raine is standing near the bed and she was talking to someone.Rick asked Raine “Why are you here?” Raine replied “I’m here to warn you!You are the new master,the God of War (Cyrus) chose you!” Rick shouted “Are you kidding me?!” Raine whispered “No,so please be ready.The shadow that you always see is your enemy.The shadow will try to kill you so use the pen to protect yourself.” Rick answered “Okay but how will I defend myself from a shadow? Raine replied “You need to hit them two times.”After that conversation Rick practiced using the pen and the notebook helped him to do some tricks with it.The pen can be a knife,sword and spear.Rick’s dream is to be a warrior and it really came true.The notebook shined again and Rick saw a picture of a shadow hidding under the bed and Rick knows that it is the time to fight.Rick picked up the pen and clicked it and it turned to a sword.Rick was so shocked that he can touch the shadow.Everything went so fast and Rick couldn’t remember how he defeated the shadow.It’s been a week since Rick defeated the shadow and everything went back to normal.He is the normal boy again but ufortunately Raine told Rick that the God of War (Cyrus) wants to see the new master.No one knows why Cyrus 


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