The HSE defines COSHH as

The HSE defines COSHH as the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. You must prevent or reduce workers exposure to hazardous substances
Substances hazardous to health in agriculture include:
• dusts from plants, animals, composted and fermented materials
• pesticides, medicines, feed additives
• products used in silage making
• fertilisers
• paints, oils, lubricants
• diseases from animals, eg leptospirosis, cryptosporidium
• confined spaces and toxic gases, eg hydrogen sulphide
• vehicle exhaust fumes

The Chemicals used and identified on site have the same or very similar hazard warnings and PPE requirements.

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When using any of theses chemicals the following must be observed.

Storage: Secure well ventilated room (preferably bunded area)

PPE : Respiratory protection when spraying or mixing, flame retardant coveralls, suitable gloves and eye protection preferably full face visor.

Hazards: Toxic to aquatic life, Corrosive, Harmful if swallowed, may cause burns to exposed skin

First aid : seek medical advice immediately

Firefighting : C02 or Dry powered

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