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Robert Delaunay is known for using vivid colors and using geometrical shapes in his paintings. As he established his name in the painting world, he created a type of art style named Orphism. He met many artist throughout his career and was influenced by their techniques and uniqueness. As his career went on his style of painting changed and evolved to create exceptional paintings.
Robert Delaunay was born on April 1885. When he was an infant his parents divorced and his aunt and uncle took care of him. During his adolescent years he was interested in painting and he started painting with watercolors. Delaunay was sent to Ronsin’s Atelier to gain knowledge about decorative art. He got educated on theater design and mastered how to construct theater sets. In 1903, he discovered his passion for painting and made it his way of living. The Pont Aven group artwork encouraged Delaunay to start painting. Delaunays wife Sonia Terk, who is also a painter, took part in the production of Orphism. They worked together for thirty years and they established a life together in Paris. In 1906 his artwork was portrayed at the Salon D’Automne and was also portrayed at the Salon des Independants. Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Henri Rousseau were just a couple of artist who inspired Delaunay.
Robert Delaunay was involved in an art movement called Cubism. Cubism was first developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque on 1907. “Cubism was one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century,” (Rewald 2004) as it states in the text Cubism was a form to express geometric shapes and the development of pictorial space. Cubism didn’t use an abroubtly amount of colors. Delaunay along with his wife and another artist established a style of Cubism. Orphysm, also called Orphic Cubism, is a form of art that uses luminous, bold colors and abstract in paintings. In Delaunay’s paintings he uses color to portray his paintings. Another style Delaunay illustrated was Divisionism. In his painting, De Jean Metzinger, he uses this technique to display the use of numerous dabs of paint to create a optical illusion. He also uses Abstract, which is a movement where the painting uses its form, color, and shapes to interpret the artwork.
The bright, intense color selection and the abstract work on a painting is an indication of Delaunay’s paintings. As his paintings become more complex the amount of abstract in them increases. Delaunay believes that color can bring a painting to life with the color that is chosen . Endless Rhythm is a painting done by Delaunay and he “achieved the illusion of movement through juxtaposition of colors with geometric form” (Jenkins 8). In his painting the bold colors of the circles contrast the background color and it makes it easier to look at. It makes the color from the inside pop out and the middle is the focus of attention. I replicated this work of art and I used the the same colors. The way the colors flowed made the work of art admirable. Delaunay uses circles on this painting and this type of style in most of his paintings.
Delaunay is a significant artist because he has co-created a style of Cubism. The name if the style is Orphysm, as he likes to call it Simultanism. He uses bright colors to express his artwork. Delaunay was one of the first artist to be a nonrepresentational painter. He believes that art is the subject in the artwork. As he likes to say “Painting by nature is a luminous language” (Delaunay) which means that paintings by nature are brilliant and it creates and outstanding scene. He likes to paint pictures of the modern city and his paintings of the eiffel tower became famous. Delaunay characterised some of his paintings with the theory of pure color.
A painting that inspired me was Endless Rhythm. The artwork itself caught my eye because one of the half circles, it was black and had a yellow outline, was a bright color and the deep dark color. The colors counteract each other and it creates an illusion that they are a whole. The white and black also align to make a loop outside if the small one and it act as if they were connected. The colors are a unique set of colors because most of his paintings with circles have bright colors.

Robert Delaunay is a French Artist who painted geometrical figures and used colors that were vivid, and it brought paintings to life. Orphism is a style, of a movement and it was assembled by Delaunay. Robert Delaunay is an incredible painter and his skills encouraged a new way of painting.

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