Rodney field because I have compassion for

Rodney Nelson
English 1A
Professor Livanis
13th, June 2018 Discourse Nursing and Medical Community
Discourse communities are a mix of career orientated groups of people, or organizations
who have chosen similar careers. My discourse community is centered in the health care field:
from Nursing Assistants, LVN’s to RN’s, Nurse Practitioners, PA’s and Doctors who all play a big
role in health care. I chose this field because I have compassion for others and enjoy being able
to help those in need. This was most likely instilled in me as a child through my parents. The
medical field has always caught my attention and intrigued me to want to join this community of

The nursing community is rapidly growing and in needs of nurses to take over positions of the older nurses who are retiring, but there is a shortage of nurses due to the shortage of teachers to teach larger groups of candidates who want to become part of this Discourse community.

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Tiffin, Charles PhD “Beyond the Bedside: The Changing Role of Today’s Nurses”
The nursing field is growing so fast, also more opportunity for more health care professionals to advance in their careers. Technology is also allowing this discourse community to create opportunities. Mobile devises, electronic medical records are now a part of everyday health care. Even medical instruments are changing; becoming smarter and able to monitor vitals sign thru built in sensor in certain heart devices. Health care professionals are also working with others to write policies and publishing scientific research on diabetes, obesity and
heart disease.
Kennedy Shawn Maureen “Nurses Wanted-Almost Everywhere / Article / Nursing Center”Nurses are wanted almost everywhere but there is still unfilled nursing positions and shortages of nurses. The biggest shortage of nurses are experienced critical care nurses who work in the ER’s, operating rooms and trauma centers. Health care facilities will need nurses due to the growth and population of the aging. Increased long term care will be a need for more nurses cover the care needed in health care facilities. In hospital around the world nurses are working to meet the needs of this population. Due to the growth of the population some facilities have been offering sign-on bonuses to fill positions, definitely for nurses who have specialized training. Places like Florida have been funding relocation and paying tuition for nurses to upgrade from LVN’s to RN’s or even just to specialize in critical care nursing and other specialized training that’s available. Employers and organizations that can invest in programs that help with training, and expose potential nurses to clinical setting hoping to keep them hired on. “Working as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LVN) /”
The state board of nursing regulates what the LVN can or cannot do. LVN’s can provide a wide variety of clinical responsibility within the organization, but have a more hands on face to face contact with patients and their families. The LVN are most likely in any setting the first point in contact with the patient rather it be a hospital, a clinic or doctor’s office. So in this discourse community I feel I can meet the need of caring for patients and making a difference through patient care and health care policies and new procedures that are being implemented on a daily basis in this health care field and continue to grow. Brainstorming with my colleagues and being part of a group and organization of people who want to make a difference in others
lives through education and continuing credits to keep fresh with time and the changes in health care.
“Pros and cons of becoming an LVN-Licensed Vocational Nursing” summit college .org
This organization give me the opportunity to further my education along the way and still make the difference in the lives of the patients. As an LVN I start working sooner and do similar work as a RN, the biggest difference is the pay. Nursing is not for everyone it takes special people to become a nurse, first you must have compassion for the healthy and the sick who are very ill.

Language in the medical field is what makes this community different from any other.

“Nursing as a Discourse Community –”
Communication is mostly done through medical terminology and charting which are the written information that is passed on from shift to shift to know the patient’s conditions or restrictions. This information in understood only by people in the medical field and specific for medical purposes. Technology has become the new and improved way to care for patients. Health care is constantly changing at a rapid pace and continued education is the key to securing a place in this discourse community of medical professionals. It’s like a new way of life being in this community being part of changes and making things better for the patients and the health care professionals who are constantly looking for better way to treat each patient according to their needs and how we as medical profession can make a difference in someone life. From the patient to the family member who are involved. All health care professionals need to have priorities to make important choices and life changing decisions. My curiosity and love for learning about the medical field along with the urgency to help others is what drives me to further my education with the knowledge with the purpose to be a part of making the difference.

The goals of this community is to effectively treat patients and find ways to best cure sick people.

Having a good report with the patient make it easy to find possible reasons faster so that the proper treatment is given to help stabilize the patients condition through a more effective treatment.
Swales John “The Concept of Discourse Community” (471).

Each community has it’s own order of how the discourse group operates in its own community such as: language, signs, writing in charts and only this community understands its language to communicate with other communities that are different but from the same discourse community. This discourse community are a group of people who have training in a prospective area of the same community but may or may not have the same credentials, but in the same area of expertise.

Johns M. Ann “Discourse Communities and Practice”
Through writing and improvement of understanding these communities look at the issue’s and analyze using their critical thinking together of each other through the writing and pick out or select what’s appropriate to use as the guide for understanding and writing other text to collect data or experiences. These communities continue to grow as new people join a discourse community and bring what they may know and introduce to the community and the community decides what’s logical and whether it fits into this particular community. Together they brainstorm new ideas and technology and places it within the community where is fit and works the best for this discourse community.
The conflicts within this field come from over worked nurses and the fact that there is a shortage of nurses lacking the training needed to survive in this Discourse community, New nurses need more nurturing when first getting started and training should be provide in the communities that has the resources to pay for programs to educate the new nurses so that they are qualified to take on the responsibilities in this community through technology, writing of policies and the language spoken in said community. The newcomers need to get the training in critical care and become more involved in some of the decision making process, being like a sponge and soaking up as much information about the field they are associated with keeping up with all the changes to the health care and nursing field making sure to get there CEU’s every year so that they are always a few steps ahead of what’s to come.
I’ve been in the discourse nursing and medical community since I was 18 years old working as a CNA and now I and furthering my education to advance in this field so that I can grow with in this community and become a voice in the community and network and sit in and become a part of the bigger scope of things. With all the changes that are happening within the health care field I have to re-educate myself by upgrading and becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse and even then continue to work at advancing in this community so I can move forward with all the new technology and changes that are coming when dealing with the care of the patient. The patient and the families are the most important thing to giving the care that is best for the patient after the doctor has given written order on whatever treatment is prescribed by the physician. It will give me a sense of purpose knowing that I am making the difference in the life of the patient. I also want to be a voice that is being heard in this community because I have a passion for the medical field and I’ve always have had this interest of anything medical because its just natural and flow thru my blood, I get excited to learn anything that is related to this community from brainstorming to new ideas and willing to learn and implement new things into my work ethics and a team player ready to learn as we go knowing that it’s to better myself and the patient who are sick and ill. The more I learn the more I feel that I make a difference in the discourse community of the nursing and the medical field. I’ve been working under doctors for years and now I have an opportunity to be an even deeper member in this discourse community and its what motivates me to continue the education part of becoming a licensed nurse upgrading from a certified nursing assistant; having more voice and more knowledge of the heath care and nursing and medical field becoming more frontline in change and how we care for the sick and seriously ill.

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