RoleThe significant business decisions, and investigating issues raised

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Last updated: May 31, 2019

RoleThe Board’s role is primarily one of stewardship, acting as an adviser to management and monitoring performance. The Board also reviews and, if appropriate, approves significant business decisions and develops standards to be utilised by management in determining the types of transactions that should be submitted to the Board for review and approval or notification. ResponsibilitiesThe Board’s primary responsibility is to supervise and provide effective governance over the management of Revolut’s business and affairs. Senior management is accountable for implementing the Board’s decisions and for directing Revolut’s operations. The Board’s ethical responsibility is to fulfil its primary duties while exercising independent business judgement and balancing the interests of Revolut’s diverse constituencies around the world, including its shareholders, customers, regulators, vendors, employees and the communities in which it operates.

Specifically, the Board is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:Approval of significant business decisions, and investigating issues raised by Revolut,Establishing appropriate and prudent policies consistent with Revolut’s strategy, business environment, stakeholder requirements and regulatory obligations.Obtaining reasonable assurance, on a regular basis, that policies and procedures are being adhered to and continue to effectively manage the material risks affecting the firm.Ensuring that appropriate and prudent management systems and controls necessary to manage business risks have been implemented and reviewing these regularly.Establishing and monitoring business conduct and ethical behaviour.Validating, reviewing and monitoring Revolut’s business objectives and strategic plans, including reviewing whether the strategic plans remain appropriate in light of the business and economic environment, resources, risks and actual results.

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Appointing the Chief Executive Officer (the “CEO”). In turn, the CEO shall appoint all other officers, subject to the Board’s approval (when required).Selecting and Appointing the Chairs for each Standing Committee.Periodically assessing the regulatory and legal requirements in overseas locations in which Revolut operates and ensuring overseas regulations are followed. Providing final approval of key employees to ensure competence and experience is commensurate with the required skills and knowledge of the role.


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