conflict arises between the Nurse

“Romeo and Juliet”, conflict arises between the Nurse (Angelique) and Juliet. According to the Oxford Dictionary define conflict as a disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. The Nurse was like a mother to Juliet. She raised Juliet since she was a little baby and treated her as her own. The conflict arose when Juliet was betrayed by the nurse. In the beginning of the play the nurse and Juliet have a loving, teasing kind of relationship, but when Juliet needs the nurse the most she betrays her. Juliet’s parents insists that she should marry Paris instead of Romeo. Juliet loved and trusted the nurse and did not expect something like that. The nurse said something horrible to Juliet that she should forget about Romeo and marry Paris. The effect that conflict has on a parent-child relationship is children developing emotional and behavioral problems later in life. In some cases children blame themselves for the conflict between them and their parents. Depression, lack of trust, guiltiness and stress are consequences of conflict

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