Romeo and Juliet Movie Review

The Dicaprio version of Romeo and Juliet is more modern based.

In the movie, instead of swords, they use guns instead. The settings are much more surprising and fun to see. This made the movie much more entertaining. These characters wear clothes that people nowadays wear too. They drive around in cars and there are even helicopter. Although they look like modern people to us, they still talk in a tone shake spear had intended them to sound like.

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The Montague’s look more like they’re a gang than they are a family.The Capulets look like they’re in the mafia because they’re wearing suits. The characters in the movie are much goofier compared to the book. Mercutio is much more playful, especially in the scene where he dresses up as a woman at the party. Some characters are much more serious in the movie.

Tybalt is much more violent and always has a killing intent. The movie is much more entertaining than reading the scripts. Prince Escalus was actually a cop instead of being a prince. It was exciting to see him come in a helicopter to stop the fight between the Montagues and the Capulets.The movie showed that the Romeo and Juliet crisis can be turned into a real life problem. It was a well thought out movie and a very educated summary compared to the real Romeo and Juliet.

I would say that many teenagers and adults would enjoy this movie. It provided all the important scenes from the real “Romeo and Juliet” and threw out all the long and boring explanations from the book. I would recommend this movie to people who want to learn about Romeo and Juliet in a more entertaining manner.



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