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INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION 1. 1 ABOUT THE PROJECT STUDY: Organisational functioning is an important factor for any organisation to achieve the desired goals and objectives. This requires coordination at all levels i. e, from managing partners to the layman for the smooth functioning of the organisation. So this report aims to understand the different functions of ROYAL CLASSIC GROUPS in relation to different departments.

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The main purpose of doing an organisational study is to study the various departments of the organisation and understand the basic functions, purpose, achievements, competitors and the mission and the vision of the company and the progress. This organisational study was very efficient to get the first hand information and understand the functions of all the departments directly. The actual working of the organisation can be efficiently observed through this study.This organisational study was a great experience because I came to know about the working of the organisation by seeing it and hearing the information directly from the concerned persons rather than just collecting the information from the websites and other related books. 1.

2 METHODS OF ORGANISATIONAL STUDY: 1. 2. 1 PRIMARY DATA: The primary data were collected from the discussions with the managerial heads of the various departments. 1. 2. 2 SECONDARY DATA: The secondary data were collected from the various websites, reports and other concerned books. 2.

ABOUT THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY . ABOUT THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY Textile manufacturing is a major industry. It is based in the conversion of three types of fibre into yarn, then fabric, then textiles.

These are then fabricated into clothes or other art facts. Cotton remains the most important natural fibre, so is treated in depth. There are many variable processes available at the spinning and fabric-forming stages coupled with the complexities of the finishing and colouration processes to the production of wide ranges of products. There remains a large industry that uses hand techniques to achieve the same results.

Almost all commercial textiles are produced by industrial methods. Textiles are still produced by pre-industrial processes in village communities in Asia, Africa and South America, as a artisan craft and a hobby in Europe and North America. 2. 1 PROCESSING OF COTTON Cotton is the world’s most important natural fibre. In the year 2007, the global yield was 25 million tons from 35 million hectares cultivated in more than 50 countries. There are five stages ?Cultivating and Harvesting ?Preparatory Processes ?Spinning ?Weaving ?Finishing 3. OVERVIEW OF THE ORGANIZATION TypePrivate company Industry Textile Founded 1991 Headquarters Tirupur, India Key people Mr. R.

GOPALAKRISHNAN, Chairman Diploma Holder In Textile Technology, with 30 years experience in the Industry He spearheads on strategy of Company, with hands-on control over manufacturing Mr. R. SIVARAM, M. D Diploma Holder In Civil Engineering, with 20 years experience in the Industry He heads all manufacturing and Retailing of Domestic brand sand export business Products T-shirts, casual shirts, executive wear trousers, denims, sportswear, jackets, sweaters, vests, briefs, trunksEmployees Over 2000 direct & indirect employees 4. ABOUT THE COMPANY 4. ABOUT THE COMPANY 4. 1 VISION: RCG’s core values are centred on maintaining the highest standards of ethics and business practices in order to achieve the overall objective of being a global player through the relentless pursuit of perfection. Innovations in manufacturing of garments occur in our production facilities very often.

Our specialization reflects in the quality of the goods delivered, as the workers, executives and machinery are trained and tuned for that purpose. 4. ABOUT THE COMPANY: RCG, a 60 million US $ company, vertically integrated textile major, has been the forefront of quality and innovation since it’s inception in 1991, having a fantastic clientele across the Indian market, and in many countries across the globe.

. RCG’s infrastructure comprises of complete facilities required for knitwear manufacturing, right from Knitting, Wet processing (dyeing), Finishing, Garmenting and Retailing. The ultra modern facilities ensure maximum productivity, with minimum work force required at every stage of production.

The periodical modernization at every factory ensures the updates best quality standards available in the Industry. . All factories are well planned and spaced to take care of future expansion plans too, with all statutory compliances made up to date. All factories are environment friendly models, with minimum carbon emission and maximum utilization of solar & wind power. Water wastage both industrial & domestic effluent are treated well, and re-used in-house for factory as well as gardening. .As performance bars got raised to new heights and requirements started becoming more demanding in nature, RCG realized that operational efficiencies are the key to acquire the competitive edge, and hence the factories are strategically spread over various places, according to the worker availability and their skill sets present.

. 5. BRANDS IN RCG 5. BRANDS IN RCG 5. 1 Classic polo: 5. 1.

1Background Classic Polo, One of the India’s finest indigenously manufactured complete men’s wardrobe solution which was launched in 2001, Feb 14th by Royal Classic Groups.The flagship brand of Royal Classic Groups, Classic Polo has over the year’s metamorphoses into a dynamic and responsive brand in men’s category. Today, it has the privilege of being one of the few power brands for young professionals that fuses international trends with innovative fashion, reasonably priced. . Our core team is composed of the promoters, connoisseur in garment field who have brought their extensive knowledge to sculpt the brand for what it stands today.Speed with quality is the success secret of Classic Polo, all it takes is just 120 hours from the time of conceptualization to take shape into finished garment, which is sure credit to the brand to be entitled to stay ahead in fashion industry. Innovation is a custom which is derived from our own export division catering to haute international leading brands of Europe and US.

5. 2 Smash ‘Smash’ the innerwear category from the house of RCG has carved its own place in the IG/UG market. Smash stands for quality and comfort, positioned as a mid-segment brand.Enjoys a very strong brand recall: The Red Bull stands for aggression, wild, a macho and confident, characteristic that goes well with male category. . 6.

PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 6. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 6. 1 Production flow: 6. 1. 1 Designing Designing department use to design some materials based on the current trend. The designing department vigil over the current and fashion trend. And then they use to make some clothes pertained to the current trend.

6. 1. 2 Sampling Sampling department make some samples which they get from the designing department. Sampling department make the stipulated amount of material.After sampling made the stipulated amount of clothes which is specified by the designing department, the designing department will assess the materials which is made by the sampling department.

6. 1. 3 Marketing department After making the stipulated amount of material sampling department will hand over the materials to the marketing department. Marketing department will show the materials to the distributor. Each distributor will get the sample material.

After one month each distributor will intimate to the marketing manager about how much material they need.Each product has a product code and distributor will just tell the product code to the marketing department and no. Of the materials they need. 6. 1. 4 PPC Manager’s play Production plan controller manager will get the no.

Of material to be produced from the marketing department and then PPC manager will issue purchase order issue which is said to be PO issue. Purchase order issue will be made pertained to no. of materials to be produced. And then bulk fabric will be developed pertained to PO issue. 30 to 45 days they will get yarn. 6.

1. 5 MakingAfter getting the needed material all the process like cutting, sewing, tailoring, embroidery, etc.. will be done. 6. 1.

6 Quality department Quality department will assess the produced materials. Quality department will assess each and every contractor’s group’s material separately and if there is any glitch in the produced material the produced material will be resend to the particular workers and will be asked to revamp the glitch. 6. 1. 7 Finishing After quality department assessment packaging will be done. And after packing is done the packed materials will be moved to national distribution department.

In national distribution centre all the materials will arranged in proper order and from there the specified materials will be sent to specified places. 6. 2 Product profile: 6. 2.

1 T-Shirts: Royal Classic Groups offers a wide range of T-Shirts with unique color combination Every design is an outcome of R & D which is in-house and is supervised by a team of international technicians. RCG now deals with all kinds of textile such as 100% Cotton, 100% Mercerized, Poly Cotton Blended, Cotton/Rayon Blended, Linen/Cotton Blended, Spandex,Interlock knit, etc. .

2. 2 Casual Shirts: Is made out of 100% cotton fabrics, and given an enzyme wash for better hand feel. The fabric options will be Plain, Striped, Checks, Jacquards and Prints in half as well as full sleeves.

Each season will have a theme and accordingly a collection is created. Design elements are explored with innovative placement of detailing elements at different locations. 6. 2. 3 Executive Wear: will be 100% cotton and Cotton Polyester blends.

All the shirts are unwashed. The fabrics will be Plain, Striped, checks, Jacquards and prints.Design will change from season to season and is available in authentic, slim & muscle fits. The fabrics used may vary according to the season.

6. 2. 4 Trousers: Royal Classic Groups offers structured, formals, core trousers. The trousers fabric selected will be super combed cotton.

These fabrics are sourced from the reputed mills in India, and certain fabrics are imported from Italy. These trousers will have rich look, better hand feel and good fall (drape of the trouser). 6. 2. 5 Denims: The denims are hand crafted with brand pneumonic & logo being crafted in embroidery.Each & every denim is processed through multiple finish of dry & wet finishes. 6. 2.

6 Sportswear: Royal Classic Groups established itself early on as a high-end, high-quality sportswear maker and grew into a very successful global brand. 6. 2. 7 Vest & Briefs: RCG offers a variety of options in fashion and cut in intimate wears with a standard quality & comfort.

6. 2. 8 Jackets: RCG offers a variety of options keeping in mind the fit, fabric, insulation, reinforcements, bells & whistles as per the vogue and desired by our clients, partners and customers. . 2. 9 Sweaters: Our sweater pattern highlights various kinds of stitches, creating simple overall texture with unique quality & comfort. 6. 2.

10 Baby wear: We manufacture baby wears which includes high-performance soft and natural fabrics, cozy and comfortable fits ensure that each product matches international standards of quality. 7. MACHINERIES 7.

MACHINERIES 7. 1Dyeing 7. 2Knitting Division 7.

3Wet process 7. 4Garmenting Division 7. 5Value Addition on garments 7. 1 DYE HOUSE 7. 1.

1Processing UnitThe Dyeing Division Is Equipped with Soft-flow And Ht-hp Vessels from Fong’s And Tong Geng Dyeing Machines, Finished with Santex Squeezer and Ruckh Calator Drier from Germany. Bruckner Stentering with 8 Chambers from Germany and Corino Slit Open Machine from Italy. The Unit has 20 Tons Capacity of Fabric Dyeing per day. For Fabric Stretching (Balloon Padding), RCG is using a special machine from Santex Santa Stretch Plus of Switzerland with Squeezing and Wet Stretching.

The Dryer Division is equipped with the latest Relax Dryer from Calator Ruchk of Germany with 3 Chambers and a Wet Stretching Facility. . 1. 2 Stentering machine 7. 1.

3 Water treatement plant To Retain an Eco Friendly Nature, Installation of Reverse Osmosis Plant for water treatment have been undertaken with a capacity Of 10 Lakh Litres/day, by which the status of “Zero” effluent discharge unit have been achieved. 7. 2 KNITTING DIVISION The Knitting Division Has 84 Circular Knitting Machines of Mayer & CIE from Germany, and Orizio from Italy and Pailung from Taiwan. It also has flat Knitting Machines of Kauo Heng-Taiwan, with a capacity to produce 10 Tons of fabric per day. 7. 3 WET PROCESS Compacting (Pre-Shrinking Process)Consists of Tube-tex, USA Tubular and Open Width Compacting Machines -4 Nos. and Monti Of Italy, Felt Compacting Machines For Mercerized Fabrics.

Also Tong Geng Chamber Heat Setting Machines for Lycra and Polyester Fabrics which can handle fabrics up to a width of 48 Inches. The capacity of the Compacting Department is 15 Tons of fabric per day. 7. 4 GARMENTING DIVISION 7. 4. 1 Knits Factory Building: Cutting Factory Building: The completely integrated facilities is topped by our garmenting division with skilled pattern masters, cutting masters, tailors and supporting workmen who are well trained.The product specialization gives an excellent finish to the garments we make. The entire production wing is housed under one roof with scientific work systems and quality control systems.

Punch Cutting Besides, our Cutting Division is also been equipped with the Bierbi Cutting Machine from Italy, especially For Tubular and Infant products. Also equipped with Band Knife Cutting Machine. Sewing Unit Our Sewing Division is equipped With 2100 Machines collectively imported from Peqasus, Yamato, Durkopp Adler & Siruba. To produce following pieces sewing capacity/day is:FOR T-SHIRTS 20,000 PCS. FOR JACKETS 2,000 PCS.

FOR UNDERGARMENTS 1,09,000 PCS. 7. 4. 2 Woven Factory Classic Polo’s woven division has high-end machines which are all imported from Durkopp Adler, Germany and Pfaff, Germany. They are fully computerized and all lock stitch machines have automatic under-bed thread trimmers. Classic Polo’s unit which can produce 2000 trousers per day and 1000 shirts per day has been set with the training of German consultants. Wing Pocket Attaching machineWing pocket Attaching machine attaches the pocketing cloth to the front panel of trousers – be it a front opening pocket or side opening pocket. It also makes the notches at the correct place of the front panel which ensures correct size of pocket opening and also helps to avoid an up and down position between the right side pocket and the left side pocket – a chronic problem that usually happened when done manually.

The front or side pockets, being present in the “A-Zone” of the garment can make or mark the aesthetic look of the trouser and hence the wing pocket attaching machine is of aramount importance in the connection of a good quality trouser. Besides the above, this machine gives 4 times more output compared to the manual operation and thus brings down the cost of production. . Automatic Side Surging Machine Automatic Side Surging Machine stitches the sides of the trouser with ease and perfection the seams are need and the dimensions are uniform, maintaining a perfect fit enhancing the productivity and thus bringing down the cost. . Automatic Pleat and Dart Making machine Automatic Pleat and Dart Making machine creates the front pleat and back dart automatically.

It ensures precision of placements and dimensions and perfect uniformity will be maintain in the entire lot of production. . Computerized Eyelet Hole Machine Computerized Eyelet Hole machine makes eye let holes with different combinations of size, design and shape. Computerized Bar Tracking Machine Computerized Bar tracking machine is available in our factory are fully programmable and help determine the size, width, shape and density of the bar track stitches. Apart from this, these machines also have the sequential operation feature that helps the operator to make different size/shape stitches in the same machine in one stitching.Thus material handling is made easier and saves a lot of time and also provides possible staining of the garment due to multiple handling of the garment and movement between work stations. Leggers and Toppers The trousers, especially the 100% cotton trousers and more particularly the washed pieces will have inherent dead creases that are formed during the manufacturing process & drying process. It becomes difficult to remove all these creases and wrinkles in the conventional method of manual iron processing.

These creases and the wrinkles need forced streaming and suction coupled with pneumatically controlled controlled pressing.It is difficult and impossible to reach certain areas of the top side of the trousers like the front fly zone, just below the waist band and hip are with the manually handled ironed boxes and sometimes, if attempted with yield adverse results like creation of new creases and puckering or sometimes reshapes the garments as well. Therefore leggers and toppers give good ironing results by removing all the dead creases and wrinkles and also eliminate the puckering along the stitch lines.

Permanent Crease Lines The latest technology from Clantex, U. K. that gives permanent crease lines to the trousers enhances its aesthetic appearance and also enables easy care of the garments. Washing There are different types of garment washers done in our factory- silicon wash, softener wash, enzyme wash, acid wash, golf ball wash, etc. their washing capacity is 2,000 pieces of trousers and 1,500 pieces of shirts per day.

. Wrinkle Free Finish We have adopted German Technology and the washing and finishing are done in collaboration with M/s Weishi, China. Our employees have been well-trained by the chief technicians of Weishi and the technical knowledge is being constantly upgraded by their training.Oven The trousers washed with wrinkle-free chemicals are taken to the hydro extractor machines and the hydro extracted trousers, with about 20 % moisture content is pressed in leggers and toppers to remove the creases and wrinkles formed during confectioning /washing and then are baked in the Oven at the required temperature and time. The baking is a curing process and the bone dried trousers are taken out of the oven and cooled at the room temperature for a while.

Cooling Chamber The bone dried stick cooling which allows the trousers to regain the moisture quickly and more importantly are weathered well to gain a superb hand feel. 7. 5 VALUE ADDITION ON GARMENTS 7.

5. 1 Chest printing The Printing Division is also been equipped with Automatic Chest Printing, Machine from MHM, Turkey and M & R U. S.

A for Chest Prints. . 7. 5. 2 Fabric Printing The Printing Division is also been equipped with Automatic Chest Printing, Machine from MHM, Turkey and M & R U. S.

A for Chest Prints. 7. 5. 3Embroidery The Embroidery Division is equipped with the latest machines from Tajima – Japan (20 Head – 2nos. And 8 Head – 1 No. ).

These machines take care of all the embroidery requirements. 8. MARKETING DEPARTMENT 8. MARKETING DEPARTMENT 8. 1 BrandingClassic Polo offers the widest collection every season. The design team consists of robust creative excellence from India’s premiere institutes, consultants with wide exposure in the field of apparel and international source WGSN (World Global Style Network) is another resource for inspiration to understand the global fashion scenario. The brand constantly define new fashions trends catering to consumer preferences targeting, the 20-35 age group. Positioned as a mid premium brand, Classic Polo offers functional yet fashionably casual range for men, which is perceived as a brand that does not compromise on quality, fit, design and comfort.

Classic polo range today, comprises of T-shirts, Shirts Trousers, Jackets, Sweaters, Denims and Sportswear thus making the brand a complete men’s wardrobe solution. Looking into the dynamics of current day’s hyper exposed consumer preference, RCG launches 6 new designs every day to fulfil the fashion appetite of the market. . 8. 2 BRAND SALIENCY: •Largest selling men’s apparel brand in the country (20 lacs units/annum) •Design innovation at its best (540 designs/season). Widest t-shirt range is offered by classic polo in the whole country.

•Classic polo offers best price than competition as per vogue on products. Complete men’s wardrobe solution with a good product width and depth in every category unlike competition. •100% vertically integrated set-up. 8. 3 STP: 8. 3. 1 TARGET AUDIENCE: •Brand is targeted at the new generation – self made, smart male slice of the market in the age group of 20-35 years. •SEC B+ >> onwards.

8. 3. 2 BRAND POSITIONING: SEGMENTDESCRIPTION Core ProductSmart Casuals SegmentMid-Premium Price Positioning600 – 1399 Target Group20-35 yrs, Upwardly Mobile, Sec B+>>> U. S.

PAffordable Fashion Product RangeWork wear T-Shirt, Shirts, Trousers, Denims, Jackets, Sweaters,Lounge Wear Brand PromiseQuality with Longevity as per vogue. 8. 4 Retailing Company has 10 regional offices and more than 50 distribution points across the country to trade their brands, Classic Polo and Smash. 8. 4.

1 Retail presence: Royal Classic Groups is a mid-premium retail store offering complete wardrobe solutions for men which includes top-of-the-line brands – Classic Polo & Smash. Classic Polo covers the length and breadth of the country with 60 Exclusive Stores, 4500 Multi Brand Outlets, 65 Large Format Stores such as Shoppers Stop, Centrals, Globus, Pantaloon, Reliance etc. in addition to 13 shop ‘n’ shop arrangement.

The brand has a massive 1 lakh sq. ft warehouse, 09 hubs across the country to cater to the market needs. Classic Polo has been a pioneer in organized retailing in the country starting around a decade ago. Their wide reach and range of products makes it the largest one stop retail network in the country. Over the years, Classic Polo chain of stores has become a yardstick by which other retail stores are judged and constantly sets new standards and creates environments that make shopping a pleasant experience. . 8.

4. 2 REACHOrganized retail is booming – creating huge opportunity for small and medium enterprises. Their wide reach all over the country across big cities and smaller towns allows them to reach a wide spectrum of customers. They have also extended their reach with a presence in some of the leading Malls with new retail formats. . Through a wide product portfolio, the brand caters to the broad segment of its customers.

Through continuous innovation by offering unparalleled value to create customer delight with a mission to grow horizontally and vertically in all formats: •Multi Brand Outlets •Exclusive Brand Outlets •Large Format StoresMBO Classic Polo network is spread with 4500+ MBO’s throughout the country and growing stronger every day. The products are presented in all the leading retail outlets in the country. Over the years, Classic Polo has built up a vast network of strong local and global partners committed to excellence that are situated around the globe. This network effectively positions RCG to facilitate working across cultural boundaries.

They have collaborative relationships with some of the world’s top organizations and individual experts which allow them to offer the most comprehensive intercultural solutions to their partners.EBO Classic Polo is looking for Franchisees across the country on an ideal store size of 400 – 600 sq feet on hi-streets and commercial locations to realize the dream of reaching 100 stores across the country. At present 60 EBO’s across the globe with an aim to achieve sustainability by building up the capacities of their partners effectively across cultures. they build close relationships with their franchisee and tremendously value their work. Franchise are key source of inspiration to them and help them to improve on their services, as they are specialized in this field.For them it is also very important that their partners share new developments and insights from their experiences, just as they are always striving to share the latest updates with them. They highly value diverse perspectives. To that end, they believe in forming partnerships with diverse dignitaries whose work is consistent with our company’s Philosophy.

Their partner network is continuously growing to ensure competent services and value-added solutions for their partners around the globe. . EBO Locations LFS At present, we have 65 plus Large Format Store across the globe.To ensure our consistently high standards, we are always on look out for outstanding professionals to join us in this amazing journey in making a difference in our world. The driving force behind Classic Polo is the diversity, experience, commitment and passion of our team.

Instilling standards of excellence in a fast paced, high volume sales environment across a broad product range will draw on your retail expertise and people skills. THEIR PARTNERS 8. 5 Customer relationship management •Stocks at CP stores (Relax Junction) are refreshed every fort night with new designs. The stores are connected to Head Quarter, 24 X 7 which permits to get the first hand information about consumer preferences and feedbacks on color size, fit and fashion. •Updating of stocks and styles will enable the brand in ensuring continuous refill of current fashion to the customers, thanks to the effective supply chain management system which is hosted on to the cyber space for effectual and timely replenishment. •The system/network is seamlessly connected across all the contact points for rapid data processing and prompt support. Classic Polo’s CRM initiative is well accepted by the customers revealed through the strong data base over and above 50,000 customers. •A three-tier discounting procedure and reward systems are adopted to acknowledge the brand preference of loyal base.

8. 5. 1 Corporate enquiry – Institutional orders / Customized Products Classic Polo also provides the customized products such as uniforms, casuals, party wear etc.

, with their logos to all the major clients in the country. •Clients Details 9. BUSINESS FORMAT 9.

BUSINESS FORMAT 9. 1 Business format:The Royal Classic Groups (RCG) began as an exporter and gradually expanded its wings in the national boundary as a textile giant with two brands under it. Various products are manufactured like, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, denims, sportswear, loungewear, kids wear, and supplied across the globe. All their garments are made in house and they have one of the best facilities available to world standards. Designing concepts keeps on transforming from season to season and as per the latest trends. 9. 2 Royal Classic Groups is structured into two main formats: 9.

2. 1 Export division:Working across cultural boundaries requires a strong expertise on how cultural variables affect outcomes. They leverage their expertise for achieving their clients’ goals with their professionals’ knowledge, experience, diversity and passion. Their clients consistently say that collaboration with their talented and resourceful team is a key reason why they choose to work with them. .

In Knits, RCG specializes in 100% Cotton and Blended fabrics with Polyester / Modal / Spandex. They specialize in Yarn dyed stripes, Mercerized fabrics, Bio wash fabrics, and Rotary prints etc. n all Jersey / Pique, Interlock and Rib constructions.

. Having huge in-house fabric Knitting and Wet processing and latest finishing range, they excel the International standards of fabrics with their Ultra modern plants. Product range includes: Men’s Premium Golf shirts, Crew neck Tees, A Tees, Men’s basic briefs, Trunks and Boxers, Infants clothing, Gift packs are their specialty. rofile Some export clients 9. 2.

2 Domestic division: Over the past 11 years, Royal Classic Groups has been continually improvising, building new brands.RCG has now taken its brands Classic Polo and Smash to worldwide, building a powerful franchise of thousands of loyal customers under its tree. Investments in brand building have enabled the brands to occupy the top positions in their respective categories, all the while allowing the brands to be continually developed. At Royal Classic Groups, they are constantly innovating to make your shopping experience pleasant.

Trust, Excellence, Quality, these are some of the abiding values that have been allied with them. They produce 540+ designs per season that have found their way across the globe with others.Their consistent focus on cutting-edge research and technology has resulted in pioneering new products which have set new benchmarks in the textile industry. Having a thorough grasp of the domestic market, which is a major advantage for Indian Retail businesses. It is impossible for every locality to develop a common model; therefore, retail businesses should use their accumulated experiences to come up with appropriate solutions. And so, their brands have carved a niche in the mid-premium segment by showing a continuous growth in its business graph and therefore they are unconditionally accepted by their customers.

Some domestic clients: 0. ACCOLADES 10. ACCOLADES Best Brand Classic Polo awarded the best brand of the year – men’s casual wear category ’05-’06 (small and medium sector), instituted by CMAI. Images BOF Study report Very recent research by AC neilson conducted research with all the leading Multi-brand retailers across the country to name the top three T-shirt brands,reveals that “an aggregation of responses show that classicpolo stands clear No. 2 in the men’s category” (source: images, business of fashion sept, 2009).

Partners Choice Award Prestigious LFS CENTRAL (Future group) has awarded classic polo the “Partners Choice Award” 2009-10 for being the No. brand in terms of value and volume business in category knits. KSA Technopak According to the research conducted by Images magazine & KSA Technopak , revealed that “Classic Polo” is most popular brand in south and west and the NO. 1 preferred brand of T-Shirt segment for the future purchases of the consumers.

Emerging India Awards Another feather on the hat, RCG was identified in top 3 companies in textiles and Apparel category for the emerging India Awards ’05 (the first ever awards created for the India’s small and medium enterprises) among the 35,000 entries organized by the ICICI bank and powered by CRISIL. 1. BEYOND BUSINESS 11. BEYOND BUSINESS Club Earth: An initiative for a greener world. An initiative to preserve mother nature. Welcome to club earth an endeavor from Royal Classic Groups to spearhead a green revolution in association with by the Department of Forestry Tamil Nadu, SFSC (State Forest Service College) and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, SACON Salim Ali Institute, IFGTB (Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding), The Hindu business line, Dinamalar and Radio Mirchi.

Global warming could do more than just melt ice and cause sea levels to rise.It could displace people, submerge tropical islands and change the very maps as we know them. The good news is that we can do little things that make a big difference. Planting a tree, for instance and preserving the ones already there. . “Club Earth” as an endeavour will create awareness on the ill effects of global warming and encourage preservation and development of our environment. The Club Earth movement will take shape by the distribution of free seeds/saplings at the Classic Polo stores, a move to encourage planting of trees and give the environment the healing touch of greenery.This task, which is soon going to be a national movement in itself, is initially being planned for our Tamil Nadu outlets and Bangalore outlets in phase-I.

Later, this will be extended to all other Classic Polo showrooms across the country. Make a green impact. And help prevent global warming. After abiding all the statuary laws of country, Still RCG strives hard to deliver its best capable solution for the needy General Public. Few of them are: •Plantation of 15000 trees. •Construction of school class rooms for Village Panchayat school in year 2003. The Canal on the Andipalayam Village Panchayat has been re-constructed.

•Rejuvenation of a lake near Andipalayam. •Establishment of factory in most backward / deprived village whereby creating job opportunity of about 500 women folks. •Construction of School Class rooms for the Iduvampalayam Village Panchayat school in the year 2008.

•Installation of Solar Panel for the Dyeing Plant. •”Flying on the Wings of Fire” Documentary Film Released about our Former President Dr. A. P.

J Abdul Kalam. RCG has combined with Minvelli Media Works and released the documentary film about their Former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Other projects: School Construction (2008 & 2009) Tree Plantation 2004 – 08 (16,000 saplings) Tank Re-Vamping – 2007 mid-day meal centre sports centre & Library 12.

FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS 12. FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS 12. 1 FINDINGS: •Quick moving material in classic polo is Men’s casual and formal shirts.

•Quality of the material is so good and in pleasing manner. •Classic produces only apparels but they do market wallets, belts perfume. Brand is targeted at the new generation – self made, smart male slice of the market in the age group of 20-35 years. •RCG’s designing department is formidable with well knowledge •The price of the material is found to be too high for the customers. •A wide variety of product range is made available to the customers. •Comfort is very good when compared to the competitors materials. •They replace the material if there’s any damage in their sold material. And they use to maintain separate file for that.

They have two brands in their hand- classic polo & smart •Smash is old brand for them, classic polo got into field only after 2001 •Company has 10 regional offices and more than 50 distribution points across the country to trade their brands, Classic Polo and Smash. •Walt mart, gap, Meijer are some major overseas clients. •Pothys, RMKV, kalian silks, are some domestic clients. •Classic Polo awarded the best brand of the year – men’s casual wear category ’05-’06 (small and medium sector), instituted by CMAI. •”Flying on the Wings of Fire” Documentary Film Released about our Former President Dr.

A. P.J Abdul Kalam. 12. 2 SUGGESTIONS: •Advertising of products is less, so advertising could be done effectively. •The prices of the materials could be reduced so that all the customers would be benifited.

•They don’t produce or market any famine product, so according to my organisational study I am sure they have good market if they market famine product. •Cash discounts and offers can be provided to the customers. •Workers won’t come under management so it’ll be useful to employees if they come under company management.

At present they come under contractors. •The company should expand its service centers. Many offers and Melas can be put frequently for sales promotion. At present melas usually comes in August. •The interest rates provided by the banks to the customers can be lowered. 12. CONCLUSION 12.

Conclusion This internship training is the first experience for me. I am very glad that I got good experience in the company. Everybody in RCG were very amicable and explained me the process and operations in precise. And in RCG they taught some management skills and it was very much useful, it was fully practical oriented. Over all the training in RCG was a very good place for learning along with work.


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