Sadness fast as a lighting. I will wordship

Sadness is a never-ending feeling. Is like me in a big room
but in a big dark room. Is like a cage in my heart that I will not but this is
a feeling you could find a key with. It is like blue, gray and white color.

Sad, dusty, empty. It is like a rock stuck in your trot. Like riding a never
ending roller-coaster. My heart is beating as fast as a lighting. I will
wordship this feeling. Deep In my heart I feel small… smaller than an atom.

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Like you to commit suicide but I will lose the love ones beside. Deep inside
your heart suddenly you think of a hero that is the key to your cage someone that
you love someone that give you confer. It might be a friend it might be your
mom or dad but for me the hero that open by cage is my brother. He will be my
hero forever and he will be the one who open my cage and led me to a happy



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