Salty Balls Seafood service paper

11/29/13 Operations Management Salty Balls Seafood Service Tour 1 . ) I decided to visit Salty Balls Seafood, which is located in Nantucket, MA at 18 Daffodil Lane.

I visited the company twice, once on the 9th of November and once on the 28th of November. My contact person was Jeff Henderson the owner of Salty Balls Seafood. Jeff Henderson is a family friend; I have also sold scallops to Jeff in the past.

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The company was founded in 2011. They specialize in the buying and selling of fish and other ocean products such as scallops. The main service they provided is the shipping and packing of fish.They will ship any amount of fish anywhere in the world they have even shipped and sold Bluefin’s to the Japanese. The also run a shanty, which is used to shuck scallops.

The company is private and has three fulltime employees and five part-time employees. Their total 2. ) Since I took my tour in November I decided to focus this project on the scalloping side of the business.

Salty Balls mainly sells business-to-business dealing with restaurants but also deals with business to consumer dealing with local independent merchants. The customer has two main needs: one being they need fresh local scallops, and two they need a lot of hem quickly.The main competitors are other local fish markets and other off-island fish markets selling sea scallops at a cheaper price. The final product is 100% service because the raw product never changed.

All they have to do is open the scallop ship it and sell it. 3. ) The company uses a Mass service process when dealing with the opening and shipping of the scallops. Every shucker must be licensed through the town and must keep their license present in the shanty. To obtain your license you need to apprentice for 20 hours.

The company does this to make the process of shucking go faster and also be cleaner.It also gives the customer a better product and allows them to create the least amount of waste when shucking. The process is the exact same everyday they’re Just a different amount being put out daily. This makes the product considered as part ofa batch, which is being made everyday. 4. ) Since Salty Balls has two different types of customers to deal with they have slightly different service blueprints.

The internal customers will see more of the hands on activities and will be involved in the process. The external customers will have less interaction with the company usually Just ordering over the phone and having it hipped to them.The internal customer would first drop off the scallops and then either help shuck or wait and pick them up later. Once picked up they can sell them back to the company or keep them for personal use. This process is repeated daily and allows the customer to have a lot of hands on time with the company; this is known as direct contact. The external customer will have much less face time with the company.

They will use the Internet and phone lines to contact the company and place orders; this is known as indirect customer contact. The company’s servicescape s very important especially when it comes to the internal customers.They need to make sure the place is kept clean that way the scalpers will trust them with their They want to convey a message that their food is fresh and safe. Having a clean place also allows them to charge more because people trust the company and know their paying for high quality product. Since this company is so young it doesn’t have the same reputation as other companies but it does have a lot of local support and also looks and functions like every other fish market. Also since it is a newer facility it is much more updated than the other companies.

) Salty Balls uses plastic bags to package their scallops. Once packed into the bags they are put into cardboard boxes marked with perishable stickers. From there, FedEx overnights them to any destination in the world. The company doesn’t store anything except the finished product everything else is discarded accordingly. Most of the scallops are sold within the week. While they wait they are stored in 5 gallon plastic buckets. These buckets are dated and sealed and then they are placed in the walk in freezer.

Dating the buckets allows them to keep the oldest product off their shelves.This is an important task because it prevents them from wasting their product. 6.

) a. The company does have inspections randomly which are conducted by the shellfish committees. The shellfish committee employees 3 separate wardens who are in charge of checking licenses in the shanty and for the shanty.

They also check to make sure the shanty is clean and the scallops are stored properly. If anything is found out of place it can result in fines or the shut down of the entire shanty. The wardens are also allowed to fine individuals working in the shanty. c. This service is perceived as very high quality.I would say they are world class because you can only get these scallops in Nantucket.

The main reason I would say it is a world-class stage is because no one else does it and you have to be licensed to do it. Not to mention you have to be invited into the business. 7. )’ wouldn’t change this company one bit their processes are perfect. The one thing I would do is eventually building another shanty to make more money. I would like to work in this industry after college. The industry is loved by the old time islanders and has been passed from generation to generation with pride.



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