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Saujash BarmanMs. HillPre-AP ILA 813 December 2017 Cell Phones- An Educational RevolutionIf the Internet is a paradise for learning, then the cell phone is the pathway to that paradise. Many schools are banning cellphones, but as time passes, some start to realise that cellphones are a very effective learning tool. As the debate continues, some argue that too much freedom of cellphone use is distracting for students, but on the other hand, phones have revealed inumerable educational uses as well. Cell phones should be allowed in schools because they give students an opportunity to enhance their learning and communicate with their teachers- anytime, anywhere.Firstly, cell phones enhance student learning because they are a great tool for memory. Many teachers use cell phones for students to take notes for their test, and “send themselves a homework reminder” (Malone). Also students might use their devices to correct and reflect upon themselves, as they “might record themselves speaking a foreign language” (Malone). Another reason why students should be allowed to use cellphones is its mere popularity. Parents wouldn’t hand their children cell phones if doing so didn’t have any advantages. As studies have shown, “an estimated 83 percent of 17 year olds across the country have cell phones today according to a report released in April by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. That’s up from 64 percent five years ago”(Malone). Moreover, cell phones can do many things that books can not. One can use the Internet to get instant correction on quizzes, and instantly search up a term or a definition not in the book, and learn beyond what is taught in school.Furthermore, cellphones are also an intermediary for students to communicate with their teachers. The Age of Internet is transforming the society. Getting students used to and comfortable with modern technology should be a school’s responsibility, and not a thing they should avert students from. Using cellphones is an “opportunity for kids to get better at using the Internet and communicating with others” (“Smart Kids”). The ability to communicate with teachers outside of class is a great advantage technology provides to students. Students can text or email teachers if they have any questions about their homework too. “Teachers could send students reminders” (“Smart Kids”), which could greatly increase the number of students who finish their homework.On the contrary, some people might argue that “43% of teens ages 13-17 say they text during class”. What they do not understand is- no good thing is perfect. There have to be some side effects of every good thing. But the good news is, the side effect can be eradicated without losing the advantages. Greg Fantozzi, principal of Maple Park High School says, “If students used the device to communicate with other students… on a test, that’s when the situation becomes problematic”. So teachers should only forbid cell phones in hallways and during tests, and allow their use in classrooms for educational purposes. Students text in class because they think that using a forbidden object surreptitiously without getting caught is considered an act to gain popularity among other students. The only way to do away with the popularity issue is to make cell phones a common and acceptable device in schools, so that students would not feel the need to make bad choices related to them. Without a doubt, cell phones augment the perspective of education and have revolutionized the world of learning. Their technology has also provided an opportunity for students to constantly communicate with their teachers no matter where they are. Cell phones help students make the most out of the Age of Internet, the Age where learning is boundless. Not only do cell phones make learning efficient, but they also empower the idea of learning beyond the classroom. So let’s help make learning an engaging experience for students. Let’s hand every child a cell phone and give them a successful future.

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