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Judy is an older student who recently lost her Job. She is attending college for the first time and is very nervous. She’s not sure if she made the right decision to attend but feels that it’s the only reasonable option she has. She is currently enrolled in a math course; she hasn’t had math for years. She is convinced that she’s not going to pass the course. She Just wants someone to discuss some of her concerns regarding math, but doesn’t want to meet with the instructor. Write a referral for Judy.

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TheCounseling Center provides quality services and professional staff to assist students in developing meaningful educational, career and personal plans which are compatible with their life goals. Some areas in which counselors can be of assistance include: Educational planning Learning Assistance Center: The LAC has free drop-in tutoring in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, and more! The tutors have taken the classes they tutor and are trained to help students in the college classes. From your first day of class through your last final exam the LAC is the place to be.For students who aren’t sure about their career path, the counseling staff offers a two- credit career development class, HDSI 10, Career Decision Making on a regular basis. 2. Mark received a 2. 0 in last semester’s biology course. He is furious because according to his records, he should have received a 3.

2 instead. What should Mark do? Write Mark a referral. The Counseling Center provides quality services and professional staff to assist students in developing meaningful educational, career and personal plans which are compatible with their life goals.Some areas in which counselors can be of assistance include discussing curriculum. He can also discuss the situation with his instructor and request to see all work that was turned in. There may have been an error somewhere. 3. Jackie, a student-athlete, Just took his third exam and didn’t get the grade he expected.

He believes that he understands the content, but doesn’t know how to answer the test questions. He believes that the instructor is trying to trick him. He’s very frustrated and doesn’t know where to go to get help.Write a referral for Jackie. SASS (Student Athlete Support System) can direct an athlete to another program like tutoring or Writing Fellows, depending on their needs, because SASS is watching the student’s academic progress. 4. Tammy attended her physics class. During class the student next to her became very disruptive.

She was rude, loud, and kept interrupting the instructor. When the instructor told her to please be quiet and meet with her after class, the student told Tammy that, “This stupid instructor had no idea who he was messing with.He had better be careful, or he’d be real sorry.

” Tammy is very nervous. What should Tammy do? Where should she go? SC Cares-It’s a resource we provide to help our students to share their concern, get assistance with complaints, and to help students complete their education goals at Schoolcraft College successfully. 5. Tina is the first in her family to attend college. She is very excited and wants to eventually become a news reporter. She writes very well and has received several awards for her writing ability.

mpus, or where she can find other students who like to write. Who should Tina contact? 6. Andy is a student from Brazil who plays on Schoolcraft’s soccer team. He is receiving a full scholarship to play here. His GPA cannot fall below a 2. 0, or he will lose his ability to play, and will have to pay the scholarship back.

His failed his first biology test but is doing well in all of his other courses. What should Andy do? Please save your assignment with the title ONealRScenarios This assignment is worth 100 points



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