Scenery recent research methods to formulate agricultural problems.

                     Scenery stands out in my mind whenI visited Krishna and Guntur Districts in Andhra Pradesh State which is veryclose to my previous project workstation in 2017. Severe infestation of theblast in wheat fully burned the wheat field and potentiality of 100% yieldloss. This threatened consequence against food security that I witnessed inKrishna and Guntur Districts inspired me to uncover how epigenetic geneexpression can overcome the epidemic diseases of wheat and ensure maximumyield, which motivated me to apply for master’s Program in ?’Plant Breeding??.World population is increasing day by day and we are still not able to feed theentire population, plant breeding is the only way to increase the yield.

Breeding new crops are important for ensuring food security by developing newvarieties that are higher-yielding, resistant to pests and diseases, regionallyadapted to different environments and growing conditions. This unique master’sprogram not only develops my understanding of genetics and plant breedingmethods but also teaches me how to apply new techniques such as molecularmarker technologies and also interact with other significant disciplines suchas agronomy and plant pathology.  I wantto gain knowledge about plant-microbe interaction which is required in thebreeding of pathogen resistance plant varieties which is the main reason tochoose this mobility track. Moreover, this mobility track helps me to gainknowledge not only about different breeding schemes that are used for Vegetableand Fruits, but also about different disciplines like Pathology, GeneTechnologies and Biosafety, and Biochemical Changes during Fruit Maturationwhich are very important for my future career as a scientist.

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                                 I believe that it is beneficial for me togather vast knowledge on scientific and technological aspects about differentcrops and management practices which I never encountered earlier, which arerelevant to plant breeding. Optimistically, I will get the scope to work in awell-equipped laboratory and imply recent research methods to formulateagricultural problems. Therefore, this program is the ground for theadvancement to my bachelors and it also fits perfectly with my career aims.  



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