Schedule by each member so that best

Schedule will be monitored and controlled by
the Schedule Manager. There will be weekly progress meeting and updates. The
information regarding progress updates will be collected by the Project Manager
during weekly group 4 meetings. A two week look ahead schedule will be provided
to stakeholders for ensuring that all team members have visibility of what’s
expected of them in next two weeks. Content will be shared on Dropbox by each
member so that best material (YouTube videos, Assessment tests, Games) can be
provided to client. Variance reports will be issued to the execution team to
ensure that the overall time plan is met as a sched0ule control measure. When,
there are significant variances from the baseline schedule (affecting the
Critical Path); Project Manager will take immediate actions to ensure that the
team adhere to overall schedule and devise measures to bring back schedule to
reduce variances and achievement of milestones. If there are approved changes,
those will be incorporated in the schedule after due change management process
by Project Manager.  1.1   
Schedule Description There are total of 110 activities in the
schedule out of which 27 are milestones. The project is divided in Milestones,
Project Plan, Project Plan Implementation, Final Report and Project Completion
(Work Packages). The General sequence is gathering information from Client and
Professor, preparing Draft Plan, securing approval for Draft Plan, executing
Project Plan (collection of resources), Quality check process for collected resources,
submission to client, backup resource collection (as explained later in the
project plan) , preparation of Draft Final Report , Preparation of Final Report
and Project Completion. Total duration of the project is 84 days, with start 16th
January 2018 and finish 3rd April 2018.

We are expecting to finish the project
earlier than 3td April. There are 9 resources assigned to activities, Prof.
Carr (1), Mr. Omar and team (1), Group 4 team (6). After securing Professor
Carr and Client (Mr. Omer and Team from TWF) approval, the schedule will be base
lined to monitor and control against the approved baseline. Calendars assigned
to each resource are 7 days a week. This calendar is assigned to all the
activities such that each resource can provide their input in a timely manner.

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