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Science and faith have had a long history of conflict. The first major event that sparked controversy between the religious and scientific communities happened in 1610 when Galileo discovered one of the basic truths of our solar system. Charles Darwin’s research on evolution has also sparked debate. There was a time where almost all scientists were theists, and the act of publicly declaring rebellion against God was reprimanded with death. This is no longer the case, as, according to a Pew Research Center survey, 41 percent of scientists don’t believe in God or a higher power. The question arises: Are science and religion compatible, or are they contrasting concepts at the core? When figuring out my stance on this issue, I thought of the queries religious people pose. Most religions involve an idea of how the universe came into existence, or how the current forms of life came to be. I realized that these claims about the natural world can be answered with scientific reasoning; cosmology, astrology, physics, and chemistry are all fields of study that could be used as a justification. Aside from the questions of the creation of the universe or the origins of life, most religions hold true the fact that their higher power will respond to a prayer request. Their god may alter the outcome of a fatal accident or natural disaster, for example. However, a tree falling just behind where a person is sitting would require the manipulation of physics. The idea that Jesus healed the blind man in the bible would also involve the alteration of human biology and chemistry. Because of this, there is no clash between religious and science claims. The disagreement, rather, is the minds of the believers who try to preserve their credences. Religions make claims about the natural world and God’s role in it. Therefore, science can test if a prayer works, or what the age of the Earth is. When science experiments with these assertions and does so objectively, accurate findings will be present. There is no stopping the advancement of science, the creation of new predictions, or the drawing of new conclusions.  

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