Women/men, dresses in a feminine way does it

Women/men,female/male or girl/boy. The discourse surrounding the difference and betweenmen and women (gender) and male and female (sex) and how to achieve equalityhas been one of the most controversial issues since the beginning ofcivilisation. Perhaps, for most of the population it is easy to implement tothe terms and find their application unquestionable. However, what if thiseasiness is really […]

The Effects of Alcohol on the Cell Membrance

Biology Lab T 10:50 The Effects of Alcohol on the Cell Membrane Introduction To understand the effects of alcohol on cell membranes can help one understand more about the effects of alcohol on human cells that are contained in the digestive system and the blood stream. It is important to study this effect due to the fact that […]

Omar glass of water or coffee would fall

          Omar KarzounMs. Lara MasriChemistry 201 honorsJanuary 23, 2018Paper Chromatography                        As a student,one of the worst incidents that might happen to me is that a glass of water orcoffee would fall into my paper that I would be using to study for the finalexam. Scientists provided these students with a very helpful process that mightmake this horrible incident a […]

The Hxk1 gene, 20S proteasome,the 19S regulatory unit

The plant vasculardevelopment gene (RPN9), Retinoblastoma-concerning gene (RBR), a plant root developmentgene and some genes in meristem, as Dt1 and ML1 have been characterized by VIGS. Theseresults give rise that VIGS is one of the most powerful method for the observation of geneswhose loss-of- function mutants induce embryonic and seedling death.Cellular metabolism and functionVIGS has been implied to […]

Stage Fright Persuasive Speech

Stage Fright Speech Manuscript Written for a university speech class Mark: 83% While some of us feel stronger symptoms than others, it still happens to almost all of us. You practiced your speech to yourself without any issue over the past few days and your time comes to finally get up in front of that special group of […]


Sometimes I think twice about what I want to do with my career and with my future. Life indeed is quite simple, you pay your dues to the community and in return, the community will do you good as well. My name is _______________ and I want to major in biology in the medical field. I enjoy learning […]


Elie Semaan 6/12/2010 Entomology Color of Butterfly Wings. Assignment 2 Butterfly wing color- patterns are composed of anatomically identifiable pattern elements. The color- patterns are highly complex and diverse. It is commonly known that there exists an “ideal” pattern that changes based on evolution. I will be discussing two aspects in the wing color of Vanessa Carui butterfly.One […]


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