IntroductionFor control reaction and digestion reaction. We started

IntroductionFor this experiment, we are going to digest lambda phage DNA with restriction enzyme, EcoRI endonucleases. It will produce a number of predicted fragments and we are going to identify them. It will produce 6 fragments such as 21226,7421,5804,5643,4878 and 3530. We will be learning how restriction enzymes work and learn about agarose gel electrophoresis.The restriction endonucleases recognize […]

Mordern 12-12.5,which permanently denature chromosomal DNA but

Mordern molecular biology has discovered practical applications to understanding genetics.Depending on the nature of assays or laboratory techniques, scientists can carry out certain practicalgenetic applications like genetic engineering, diagnosis of genetic diseases and DNA sequencing ofspecies. In this practical, alkaline lysis were used to extract plasmid DNA from 3 strains of E.coli (A, Band C). The plasmids were […]

What of color.2 The premise of the

 What Is a Woman?             Defined by the dictionary, a woman is an adult female person, a wife, the female human being, as distinguished from a girl or man, and is referred to an adult human being who is biologically female; that is, capable of bearing offspring. 1 However, when I think of what is a woman, I […]

The manifestation of the pluri- and multipotency

The totipotency of the germline is the full manifestation of the pluri- and multipotency of embryonic and adult stem cells, thus the germline and stem cells must share common mechanisms that guarantee their multipotential in development. During embryogenesis the lifecycle of mRNAs relies on the length of poly(A) tails, which is variable and regulates translational efficiencies which mark […]

Introduction seed germination and to investigate this.

Introduction This term, we embarked upon our first biology experiment. Recently, in class, we have been learning about plant reproduction. Amongst the vast amount of information pertaining to the topic of plant reproduction is germination. Germination is the process of sprouting, whereby seeds or spores sprout or emerge and begin to grow. 1 2 When a seed is […]

Women/men, dresses in a feminine way does it

Women/men,female/male or girl/boy. The discourse surrounding the difference and betweenmen and women (gender) and male and female (sex) and how to achieve equalityhas been one of the most controversial issues since the beginning ofcivilisation. Perhaps, for most of the population it is easy to implement tothe terms and find their application unquestionable. However, what if thiseasiness is really […]

Name The protein forms a complex with

Name : Clodagh Coughlan C17349321 Course: DT420/2 Module: Structural Biochemistry Date of experiment : Date of submission: 14/11/18 27/11/18 Experiment title: Biuret assay to determine protein concentration Lecturer: Lisa MeaneyAims and objectives: The of this experiment was the use of Biuret assay to determine the concentration of protein in BSA and determining the absorption by using a spectrophotometer. […]

The Effects of Alcohol on the Cell Membrance

Biology Lab T 10:50 The Effects of Alcohol on the Cell Membrane Introduction To understand the effects of alcohol on cell membranes can help one understand more about the effects of alcohol on human cells that are contained in the digestive system and the blood stream. It is important to study this effect due to the fact that […]

Eminem the song Mockingbird to his daughter

Eminem is one of the most famous American rapper, record producer and an actor. He was born on October 17,1972. His songs are mostly autobiographies. He had a rough childhood. He never knew his father, Marshall Mathers Jr., who abandoned the family when Eminem was still an infant. Eminem and his wife Kim had a tough marriage. They […]

Omar glass of water or coffee would fall

          Omar KarzounMs. Lara MasriChemistry 201 honorsJanuary 23, 2018Paper Chromatography                        As a student,one of the worst incidents that might happen to me is that a glass of water orcoffee would fall into my paper that I would be using to study for the finalexam. Scientists provided these students with a very helpful process that mightmake this horrible incident a […]


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