Ch 7 Holt Physics

Holt Physics Chapter 7: Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity I. Section 7-1: Measuring Rotational Motion A. When something spins it undergoes “rotational motion”. When something spins around a single point it is called “circular motion”. B. We measure how fast something spins not in m/s (different points on the object are spinning at different velocities) but […]

Prom Nite Planning

Event Name: Prom night 2011 Event Theme: Date: Venue: Organizer: Faculty of Management Society Event Director: Latiff Danial Bin Ismail Total Student Population: Cyberjaya – 10,016 students (as at 31 May 2010) Target Participants: Minimum of 500 participants Target Group: MMU students Faculties in MMU Cyberjaya Campus 1. Faculty of Management 2. Faculty of Information System 3. Faculty […]

Variation of Conductance with Temperature in Electrolytes

Apparatus Glass beaker, CuSO4 solution, Cu electrodes, ZnSO4 solution, Zn electrodes, rheostat, battery eliminator, water, burner, thermometer, flask, ammeter, voltmeter Important Terms ?Conductance: The property of ease of flow of electric current through a body is called conductance. ?Resistance: The obstacle offered to the flow of electric current is called resistance. ?Electrolysis: The operation in which electricity causes […]

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