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The point Mills is trying to get across in the article The Promise of Sociology is that sociological imagination is a way that people thinks which connects mankind’s private troubles with public issues of society. Mills states in his article” when society is industrialized, a peasant becomes a worker; a feudal lord is liquidated or become a businessman. […]

Interning the best people I know I met

Interning at the Gender + EqualityCenter, I have learned so much about social justice issues and experienced themfirsthand. I never thought I would truthfully understand these issues butworking there, I gained a broader perspective and am much more knowledgeablethan I was before I started. Although I ran social media, I was able to work inall parts of the […]

A general Marx thought classes would disappear in

A critical theorist was Habermas, he concluded that earlier paradigms were not up to date with the current situation and did not question earlier thinking patterns. He developed theories build on a typology of interest. He said three types of interest generated three types of knowledge. A technical interest based on analytical knowledge, a practical interest was concerned […]

According position is called intepretivism (Bryman, 2006:27). Positivism

Accordingto Bitsch& Pedersen, (2011: 137) the theory of social science involves manyquestions and disciplines. These are related to the basic belief about theworld, society, the individuals, knowledge, language and relationship between empiricaldata and theory., which to a large extent decide  the way groups formulate and explore theirresearch problems. Philosophyof Science is concerned in general with what it means […]

Sociological research

Sociological research is the process in which social scientists are able to test, understand and determine how society affects the individual and how the individual is also affecting society. The main thrust of sociological research is to offer answers to questions that focus on social groups, social behavior, social cohesion and anything that concerns social networks. Sociological research […]

Social Science Theories

Are all these theories concrete? Explain. Why do you think the social sciences incorporate disciplines such as religion, geography, history, sociology, psychology and economics? How do these institutions overlap as a social science?No. all these theories may not be necessarily concrete because social science is about the human behaviors and thinking.Social sciences incorporate its disciplines because these are […]

Social Science Differences

Social science is basically the branch of scientific study pertaining to the human aspects of life in the world. This is the collective term for the different academic disciplines that are individually focused on specific aspects of human life on the planet ranging from their origins to their development and their present condition. Differing from other field of […]


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