A1 Professional Discussion

2 assess candidates performance against the agreed standards Q. How do you use observation of performance to demonstrate achievement of particular standards? * Observation is used to assess the competency of a candidate in performing physical tasks in a realistic working environment, usually the workplace. * To be competent, the candidate must show that he/she has the ability […]

A Father’s Unappreciated Love

It can be assumed that Robert Hayden personally speaks through the voice of the speaker in his poem “Those Winter Sundays”. His distant relationship with his father is clear in the poem. In this melancholic poem, he narrates about the concealed appreciation of a son for his father’s acts of love by means of writing it in a […]

Graphical User Interface and Pane Displays Information

Details pane – displays information about the drive, folder, or file selected in the Content pane. B. Operating System – a set of instruction that coordinates the activities of your computer. C. Snipping Tool – A program that captures a screen or part of a screen… D. Windows Aero – The Windows 7 user interface that features a […]


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