seeghah, architecture contract is really bidding for a

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seeghah, seegha A concluding speech from both the bridegroom and the bride (or her representative) in a marriage.

services A service is something which is paid for but which is not owned and not tangible. It is often used alongside ‘products’ (that is, products and services) to denote the two main things which can be bought, products being tangible. Services represent the time used and expertise required to perform a task, and can be charged at an hourly, daily or monthly rate or an entire price can be negotiated.

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A hotel is an example of a service, as the customer pays only to use the building as a shelter (tangible items such as breakfast are effectively to add value to the service). Manual labour such as cleaning can be paid for by the hour but the rate will be low unless there is particular demand for cleaners or if the type of cleaning is specialised. Electricians, plumbers and solicitors are examples of services whose cost might seem high on an hourly basis but it is the expertise and trustworthiness which represents the true value. Another intangible asset is creativity. Artists, designers, writers and musicians, for example, might have skills which are relatively uncommon and are difficult to be taught without an innate sense for their trade, and again the costs of their services will in many cases be charged not by the hour but through negotiation for a product which is considered finished by agreement with the client as in a brief. Services can be traded and bid for just like products; for example, tendering for an architecture contract is really bidding for a service, even though the end product is tangible.settlement date In a business transaction, the settlement date is that date by which the transaction should be closed and all goods should be with the new owner and all monies should be with the seller. It is sometimes called a contractual settlement date.

Sha-aa-IrulIslaam The sacred traditions of Islam.Sha’abe Abu Talib Literally, the Valley of Abu Talib, where Abu Talib took the Prophet Muhammad and his tribe to protect him from assassination.Sha’ban The eighth month of the Islamic calendar.Shafi’i A Sunni school of fiqh (Islamic Law) named after Imam ash-Shaf’i (or Idris al-Shafii) and mainly practised in Yemen, Somalia, Southern Iran, South-East Asia, Egypt, East Africa, the Maldives and southern India.

It is considered one of the four schools of fiqh, the others being Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali. The school derives its laws via rigorous application of legal principles rather than conjecture.


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