Self-esteem of peers.Parenting, teachers. Many people from

Self-esteem begins to form in early childhood, when adults evaluate the activity of the baby. The most common mistake is when the evaluation is given not to actions, but to individuals. For example, parents tell a child not to “look at how inaccurate you have scattered things,” but “look how slovenly you are”. In the same way, a person subsequently attributes failures in matters or relations to personal qualities.It is interesting that the process of formation of male and female self-esteem is slightly different. The woman’s self-sufficiency and confidence largely depend on her popularity with the opposite sex. It is more important for a man to have authority among his own kind. To improve his self-esteem helps his position in society, the more his income, the more solid his work, the easier it is for him to believe in his own strength. The confidence is affected by several factors:Genetic. Self-esteem depends on the speed of child development, bodily features, for example, protruding ears, propensity to fullness, everything that causes mockery of peers.Parenting, teachers. Many people from childhood are subjected to excessive control, constant criticism from relatives.Environment and culture. Modern standards of appearance, indicators of success, imposed by society, just not the strength of most people.Psychotransforming events. For many men and women, the starting point to stop believing in yourself is divorce, breaking long relationships or a whole series of life failures.It is known that insecurity in itself is observed more often in people with a weak and labile nervous system. If the child is not given to feel its importance and value, it will cause problems with self-esteem in the future. Psychologists say that unmarried children, who experience a lot of restrictions in their childhood, almost always become adults with low self-esteem and a whole luggage of the complexes.

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