Service Management Case Study

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Last updated: April 19, 2019

Case study: 1. First priority to educating staff 2. How all the tea were processed? 3. Employer’s need to answer the customer questions? 4.

Training employees has a knowledge about their product 5. Peet’s employees guide customers to taste, compare and learn about different teas. Peet’s provides excellent service as well as product Human and mechanical activities to satisfies the customer needs and wants. By providing good customer service they increase their product &service. United states dependent on services. 1. Less expensive for manufacturing their product in less developed countries.Service production to good production iin us is similar economies.

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2. household maintanence are come under services, which are take care of themselves 3. convienience and leisure. 4. u. s. population ages need for health care professionals. Retired americans are utilizing their leisure services Service marketing differs from product marketing The 4 fundamental differences involved in services 1.

Intangible 2. Inseparable 3. Variable 4. Perishable 1 . intangible: – Service is intangible,we cannot touch, taste. -Ex:when you consult with doctor service is intangible.

-Difficult to convey the benefits of services. Help the customer experience more positively ,create an atmosphere that appeals to the target market. -Peet offers good environment for drinking, reading, chatting with friends. -Services are difficult to promote. -They promote by employ symbols. -Consumers perceptions of their integrity and trustworthiness.

Inseparable production and consumption: 1. Service and consumption are inseparable. 2. Opportunity to try before purchasing 3. After the service has been performed, it can’t returned. 4. Purchase risk in these scenorios can be relatively high,provides extended warranties.

Variable: 1. Micromarketing can be expensive to deliver,firms that offersmultiple se 2. Consumers are confused and irritated if they charge separately for each. 3. Technological delivery of services can cause additional problems. 4.

Technology May not perform adequately ,Atm machine which is not working sometimes. scanners also. 5. purchases can be made directly via online. 6. Provides information such as price ,availability.

Perishable: 1. they cannot used for future use. 2. Critical task of supply & demand. 3.

Matching rarely occurs. 4. Off peek peek stimulate demand.


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