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SERVICE TRAINING MANUAL NAME Ema Kilaibau S11006456 Table of Content Introduction 3 Skills – Conversation over the Telephone 4 – Troubleshooting 5 – Respond to email quickly 6 – Making a good first Impression 7 – Communicating with unsatisfied Customer 8 – Follow Up with Customer 9 Concepts Networking 10 Bibliography 11 INTRODUCTION Customer Service means providing a quality product or Service that satisfies the needs/wants of a customer and keeps them coming back. Good customer service means much more it means continued success, increased profits, higher job satisfaction, improved company or organization morale, better teamwork, and market expansion of service/products. There is only one boss, and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same. It is the customer The customer is the person who pays everyones salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail. In fact, the customer can fire everybody in the company from the chairman (CEO) on down, and he can do it simply by spending his money somewhere else. Literally everything we do, every concept perceived, every technology developed and associate employed, is directed with this one objective in mind- pleasing the customer. Customers, buyers and clients want to pay a fair price for quality service or products, and feel satisfied they have paid for a service/product and received what they have paid for in return. They also want someone to take care of them. They need someone to understand their needs and help answer them. They need someone to hold their hands and walk them through a process. Customer service starts with the ability to listen to the customer and find out through polite questioning what he/she needs or wants. Customer service and contact with a client mean that the customer will be heard and his/her problems will not go unanswered or ignored. It also means getting to know your client, his/her dislikes, ideas, background, etc. The other most important aspect to do is to listen to what the customer is saying. If people do not understand what is motivating the customer, they will not be successful in handling them. Most customer service is defined by how a company or organization treats external customers but there is internal customer service as well. While this manual mainly addresses external customers expanding your definition of customer service to include co workers will lead to even greater success. Remember, the internal customer chain is just like the external, we are all customers both inside and outside the company or organization. Remember, good customer service results in consumer satisfaction and return customers and growth in business. Conversation over the Telephone Its Not What You Say, Its How You Say It The moment you pick up a telephone, body language and visual perceptions disappear your tone of voice becomes dominant. Almost the entire message you project to the customer over the phone is derived from tone of voice and attitude. Telephone Etiquette Telephone etiquette, unlike more varying body language, can be uniform and is not culturally based. The telephone is often the first or last place a customer comes in contact with an organization or company. Being telephone friendly is one of the least expensive and cost effective ways to deliver better customer service. Answering the Telephone How a company answers the phone can tell the whole story of how they treat customers and employees. The correct phrase said in the right order in a positive tone leaves a good impression and starts the customer- client relationship off on the right foot. Pick up the phone in three rings. More than three rings signals chaos in your office or inattentiveness on the part of your company or organization. Greet the caller, e.g. Hello, Good Morning. Good manners show you respect the caller. Give your name, eg Hi, my name is Emma This is a courtesy that serves to personalize the customer service experience as well as allowing the customer to hold you accountable for your level of service. He/She now has a point of reference and someone to contact when he/she calls back. Ask the customer if or how you can help. Asking to help the customer you are there to serve his/her needs and to solve his/her problems. This also leaves the customer with a positive impression. Put it altogether and you have a good example Good morning, thanks for calling the Insect farming and Trading Agency, my name is Emma, how may I help you The Greetings is key, it sets the tone and style of the whole interaction. Troubleshooting Some things which may upset a customer are simply unavoidable. Some Tips are Putting a Customer on Hold Ask the customer if you can put them on hold wait for them to say yes or no and then explain it will only be for a short period of time. Explain customers why you are putting them on hold and thank customers for holding. Transferring a Call Ask the customer if they mind being transferred wait for them to say yes or no and explain why they are being transferred and to whom. Taking a Message Explain your co-workers absence in a positive light but do not be too specific. Explain that your co-worker is in a meeting, conference, briefing, or training. Do not say he or she is gravely ill, is too hung over to come to work, never called in today, cant be found, that you do not know where he or she is, or that he or she was just here Give a reasonable estimate of when the co-worker will return. Offer to help the caller, take a message or transfer to another staff member. If a co-worker is on holiday and will not return to the office for some time, it is permissible to say that he or she is on holiday. Ending the Call This is the final step in good telephone etiquette. A good customer service representative ends the call on a positive note, repeating any actions agreed to be taken and what is going to be done to help or serve the customer. Respond to your email quickly Answering your business email promptly should be a priority for all business. Not only is email an important communication line with your customers, it is often used by them to gauge that your trustworthy. If a customer sends you an email with a simple question and you take forever to answer it. What does that say about the rest of your operation Its one of the tell-tale signs customers use to separate from. What is prompt answering your business email Business email should be answered within 24 hours max. No exceptions. At that rate, youre doing a lot better than a lot of other businesses. If you really want your customer service to shine, you should consider answering your business email twice a day with a 12 hour interval. It is better to check out your direct competition by sending them an email as if you are a potential customer. Send them more than one on several days. Track the time its taking them to answer, and implement a procedure to beat them. Making a Good First Impression Every staff in every business knows the importance of making a positive first impression. Sales people know their success and livelihood will depend on how their potential customer perceives them in the first 30 seconds of interaction. Good salespeople develop an almost instantaneous rapport with potential customers. Impressions are the key to developing trust and confidence in the customer. Here are some ways of creating positive impressions Thoughtfulness in meeting the customers needs Personal responsibility for a customer Quick problem solving for Customer Offering immediate assistance Friendliness Using customers name in a conversation Pleasant voice tone Polite and courteous manners Neatness A genuine smile Remember, impressions stay with those you meet, especially customers. Communicating with Unsatisfied Customer If customer is unsatisfied (for just or unjust), you will have to use some of the many techniques of the customer service professional to win their support and continued loyalty. When coming into contact with a customer, communicating with him/her, or analyzing problems, do not forget to use the following methods or qualities. Listen It is of primary importance when dealing with an unsatisfied or complaining customer to listen attentively to his/her complaint, gripe, frustration or grievance. Be patient, attentive, and friendly. Express you are sorry We are sorry for this mistake/problem We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience How can we work to solve this problem together I can imagine how frustrated you are Do not argue and do not interrupt This will only worsen the situation, especially if the customer is angry. Let him speak before you try to discuss him what has happened. Do not lose your self-control If you stay relaxed, customers will calm down. Follow- Up with the Customer We like companies that treat us well. It is extremely important to make sure that all customer service measures that were discussed or promised are in fact taken. It is not enough for the customer to experience a satisfactory telephone or face to face interaction. If nothing comes to contact they will be even more frustrated and unhappy. Make sure you do whatever you have promised in a timely manner. Why Concepts are important to new employees Customer service group is important to company growth, revenue growth and customer retention. Each new employee you hire that will have contact with customer should be taught basic customer service skills. Teaching the skills to new employees requires a program created through experience in dealing with clients and understanding on how to convey important information to new employees. It should be done only by experienced human resources and training professionals and training should be offered as part of new employee orientation. Networking Opportunities Set a time budget each week or month for your networking Plan to attend a specific number of meetings or events at which you can network. Make sure other tasks and responsibilities fit around these meetings. Its best to balance networking with your other lead general activities. Pick networking opportunities that put you face to face with people most likely to need what you offer- Try to meet people who can connect you with people who need what you offer. Both are good prospects. Ask people questions- Learn about them and their business. This is how how you pre-qualify them. BIBLIOGRAPHY HYPERLINK http// HYPERLINK http// HYPERLINK http// IXgw7HYjOat2FZn O d y


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