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sExperiment NO:7 Study sof sbraking Systsem of an autsomobileIntroductionsBraskesØ Tshedevicse used sto stop any vehiscle by appslying frsictional forsces.Ø  Thesy are reqsuired to sstop vehiscle withisnsmasllest posssible disstance.Ø  Tshis is donse by convserting kinsetic enesrgyof vehiscle intos heat senergsy which iss dissispated isnto atmosphsere.

sBrakes FuncstionsØ Stsopthe vsehicle witshin smasllest posssible dsistance. Ø Asctinstasntaneously in casse of an emergesncy. Ø Stsrongenosugh to susstain susdden brsaking forcse.Ø Neithesrsslip nor shoulds csause any sskid the veshicle.

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Ø Braskelinsing shousld have lsonger lifse.Ø Opesratewith the sleast efsfort. Worsking of BraksesØ Thebsrake pedsal is connsected to thse mastser cylindser locasted wisthin the esnginecsompartmenst.Ø zThecylzinder is zfilled with brazke fluizd. Whenz you puszh dozwn the brzake pezdal,hydrzaulic pzressure is creazted in the zmaster cyzlinder.Ø  zBrake fluzid is preszsurized alzong a serizesof brakze zpipes zand hosesz to thez hydrzaulically activatzed pistonsz in eachzwheel’s hub asszembly that zforce the frziction mzaterial on zyour pads zorshoezs on to rotazting partsz, and thzat’s whatz stops youzr cazr.Typezs of bzrakeØ  Mechaznical brzakes: usedz in cyzczles and moztorczyclesØ  Hydzraulic bzrakes: uzsed in dizfferent vehizcles(Carsz) (Diszk and dzrum zbrakes)Ø  Pneuzmatic brakzes: airplzanes andz traiznszDzisc BrzakesØ  In fzront whezelsz diszc bzrakes arez uzsedbecauzse mzuch loazd zis on froznt whezels and dzisk brakzes are mozre pozwerfulas compzared to druzm brzakes. Nowazdays 2z zdisc brazkes are zused in zfrontwheelzs in manzy czsars.

Ø  A sdisc braske consissts of a scast irons discbolsted to wsheel hsub ansd sstationarsy hosusing callsed calsiper. Casliper isconnsected to ssome statsionary pasrt of veshicle lsike axlse.Ø  Whesn brakses arse applised, pistosn move frsictionpadss into constact witsh dsisc, appslying eqsual and ospposite fosrce on dissc.

On resleasing brsakes, the srubber sesasling rinsgs act ass retusrn springssand rsetract pistosn and frisction pasds aways from dissc. Druzm BzrakesØ  Shozes przess agazinst a szpinning suzrface.In this sysztem, that suzrface is callezd a drum.z Druzm brakzes have mzore parztsthan dzisc brzakes and zare hzarder to szervice, bzut they are lzess ezxpensiveto manzufacture

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