Shoplifting is the criminal action of stealing

Shoplifting is the criminal action of stealing goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer. It is considered to be a form of theft and subject to prosecution. Criminal theft involves taking possession of property illegally without paying for it. Shoplifting, also known as larceny, is the act of taking away property with the intent to deprive the owner of the property. It involves taking the advantage of other hardworking people. The stores have to buy equipment to prevent shoplifting and the consumers have to pay for the items stolen so it can be replaced. I never knew how much of a problem shoplifting caused.
Shoplifters steal from all kinds of stores including small shops, grocery stores, superstores, thrift shops, department stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and many more. These shoplifters generally are split into two categories: professional and amateur shoplifters. Shoplifting hurts more than just the business that is stolen from. It creates a domino effect. It affects the business, consumers, friends and family. Shoplifting negatively impacts the economy if businesses are forced close their doors because of continual losses. It impacts the family by putting stress on the parents. Trust is also broken. This can be gained back with patience and attentiveness.
Many people steal because of financial and/or emotional issues. People often steal because they do not have the money for the item. Sometimes people steal to meet their basic needs of food and clothing. In other circumstances, kids and teens feel pressured by friends or peers into shoplifting. They are lead to believe that in order to fit in and be liked by a certain person or group of people, they need to steal. People who are contending with depression or anger issues often find a soothing effect from stealing. Other shoplifters steal just for the thrill of it. These kinds of shoplifters like the rush of adrenaline the stealing brings. People who experience this feeling cannot resist the urge to steal.

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