Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Success today greatly depends on the quality of communication. This can include success in the work environment or success in our personal relationships. People communicate in a number of different ways that can either be classified as verbal or nonverbal. Verbal communication consists of the actual content of our language (task ordering), how we […]

Implications of “South Asia Free Trade Agreement” (Safta) in Economic Development

Implications of “South Asia Free Trade Agreement” (SAFTA) in Economic Development 1. Introduction Regional (or Free) Trade Agreements (RTA/FTA) are an attempt to achieve economic gains from the free flow of trade and investment between neighbouring countries. RTAs can lead to increased protection for exporters and reduced protection for importers. Reduced protection can lead to trade creation while […]

Discuss Factors That Facilitate or Impede Helping Behaviours

Discuss factors that facilitate or impede helping behaviour Pro-social behaviour can be defined as ‘any actions that benefit another regardless of the benefits or self-sacrifices of the actor’ (Wispe 1972, as cited in Collins 2004). A subcategory of pro-social behaviour is helping behaviour, which can be defined as an intentional behaviour or act that benefits another human being. […]

Utility Analysis

SConcept of Utility * For effective decision-making, businessmen have to analyze and understand consumer behavior. Every rational human being endeavors to maximize his total utility by selecting the best from the given set of alternatives. * Utility refers to the satisfaction or pleasure that a consumer obtains by consuming the product or service; or want-satisfying ability of a […]

2.1 a different service. It is capable of

2.1 InnovationInnovation can be defined as the process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization. This may mean creating a new service, system, or process, or enhancing existing ones. Innovation can also take the form of discontinuing an inefficient or out-of-date service, system, or process. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which […]

Kerbala total number of cases which considered being

Kerbala is an average size densely populated city, river-sided atAl-Hysannia.  Al-Razazah Lake located at west border ofthe province often called buhayrat Al-Razazah which considered to be the secondlargest lake in Iraq and listed as a wetland of international importance. (5)Table1, Figure 3 and 4consolidate that tendency of infection is much greater in highly populatedresidential areas of the province at central Kerbala […]

This and rural livelihoods and it influences on

This is one of a big present from climate change and Climate change and variability presents a major challenge to agricultural production and rural livelihoods and it influences on roughly 2.5 billion of people who take away their income and work (Ali and Erenstein 2017). In South Asian region, Flooding root surprisingly impact in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan […]

avoid of ourselves with others deprives us of

avoid these silly mistakes if you want to be happyThe way we live life, makedecisions affects our health.  Depression,stress, anxiety lead to many health issues. It is necessary to know that whatyou are doing wrong that prevents you from happiness and of course good healthso that you can correct them and live a healthy and happy life. 1-  […]

By espousing the importance of external bystanders in

            Byviewing the devalued group as less than human, violence against them, becomesincreasingly acceptable. To support his argument, Staub relies on a number of psychologicaland social experiments, including the Milgram study which focused on one’s orientationto authority; the Stanford Prison Study focused on hostility; and Steiner’sresearch on former SS “sleeper” members who respond to certain conditionswithin an environment. […]

The ofthe United States of America, proposes the

The South China Sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean encompassing an area from the Strait ofTaiwan to Karimata and Malacca Straits. The area is important primarily because of its verybusy shipping route, and prospective, large reserves of oil and gas beneath its seabed. Thearchipelagos, mainly the Paracel and Spratly Islands, are often subject to competing claims […]

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